Switch Version Crashes at Boot

I hadn’t played Siralim 3 on my Switch in quite some time, went to go fire it up, and now I can’t get past the splash screen at startup. I keep getting the following error:

I’ve tried to google the error code to no avail, and I’ve also uninstalled and reinstalled the game. It still crashes when I try to load–I haven’t even had a chance to pick out a save because it immediately throws up this error at startup. I’m trying to run it on a Switch Lite running firmware 11.0.1. I’d really appreciate some help.


If your Switch is connect to wifi, can you try disconnecting it? And if it’s not connected, can you try connecting? It shouldn’t crash either way of course, but that should serve as a workaround.

I had wifi on and putting it in airplane mode got it, thanks! Doesn’t look like I can use Cloud Saves anymore even if I immediately pull out of airplane mode after I’ve gotten out of the splash screen, but this is still way better than nothing–the game is playable and my save is still there.

My switch version has the exact same error, and it started after a tavern brawl too.

Can you see if the problem is fixed for you now? I tried changing a few things on my end to see if it helps.

It did. Apparently it was the banlist and some http error. Thanks, can play normally now.

That fixed it! Game loads just fine, and I was able to upload a save to the cloud with no problems.