Switching from iPhone to Android, need to repurchase?

OK, this question may have been answered already, but I can’t seem to find it. I think I know the answer anyway but just thought I’d check. I originally purchased the app on the Apple store for my iPhone, and then eventually purchased the desktop app for Stream as well. I just got rid of the iPhone and got the new Google Nexus 6P (hooray for Project Fi!). Just curious if I need to repurchase the Android version of Siralim now that I’ve switched. I imagine so, but just thought I’d verify. I downloaded the app before I left for work, buy haven’t yet had a chance to try to import my cloud save to see if it works with the standard version. (I forgot my could ID, naturally).

Anyway no big deal if so… This game is great. I’ve got quite a lot of time into it, and frankly any app that I get more than a couple hours of enjoyment out of is worth way more than the $15 I have in this game so far. And I’ve got a hundred times my money out of this already.

Side question: just out of curiosity… Is there a predetermined list of rewards for the daily realms or is that entirely based on RNG also? My last completion was for a level 53 daily realm, and the rewards were just kind of generic, and nothing much different than at the earlier levels… Although at 50 I did get a random demonic nether egg… Just curious. Thanks!

There is a predetermined list of (not that good except on some milestone occasions) rewards. For example, when your streak reaches 10, you will gain a random Nether Orb. A bit after that (maybe at 11 or 12), you will get a set of legendary materials. Also, every five successful dailies in a row, you will get a random Dye.
You will still get random rewards from usual duties, though. Those are just bonuses.

You need to re-purchase the game if you want to play on another operating system. The only exception is Windows/Mac/Linux, which are cross-buy on Steam.

And what about Siralim 2 ? Do you know what pricing model you will choose for it ?

I’m not 100% sure about the price yet. The game still won’t be cross-buy between Android/iOS/Steam/etc though.

Siralim 2: Worth Any Price !! :->

No higher than $39.99 for the worth it price else you will have to compete with pokemon games. lol