Switching nether auras

In my opinion the current cost of switching the nether aura trait is too high.
It costs 30 Exalted Emblems to switch the aura to a new random one. However it costs only 25 Emblems to create a new nether that might also have the aura you wish for(as a bpnus you get to keep your old nether). The only reason to currently use a “Scroll of Renewing” is if you already invested into your nether before you “fixed” its aura.

My favorite change would be to split the current “Scroll of Renewing” into five recipes, one for each aura type. Increasing the cost would be fine, for example add a cost of 100 of the *Amber material associated with that stat. The deterministic nature would explain the higher cost of the scroll.

Other possible changes would be to decrease the number of required emblems for the “Scroll of Renewing” or to (please don’t) increase the cost of creating a new nether.

agree here, it took me 12 rolls to get the aura i wanted, because i’m stupid and didn’t compare the cost of just making new nethers lol. :-[

Agree here as well. I got caught in this trap because at the time I had not unlocked the material for the scroll and I wanted to play around with my nether critter immediately. I figured I would just fix and upgrade the aura later, which to be fair seems like the natural progression intended by the game.

But no, that was wrong. lol.

Totally agreed on this. It really weird that creating a new nether is cheaper than rerolling its ability.

Yeah I have to agree, it is strange.