Talking sigil properties

immune to death damage - how does it works?

  1. immune to any attacks from death creatures


  1. immune to ANY? spellgem used by death creature? (shared spellgem of ther class for example, OR other class gem converted to death)


  1. immune to all death spellgems, regardless of what creature class has cast it?

no, not immune to death spellgems cast by non-death creatures

  1. immune to death spellgems converted to other class (ie rapture > class swap: life? )

only immune to any spells coming from death class caster

Also noticed, some wording could be more correct:
[E] Immune to spell damage - makes em immune to debuffs from spells that doesnt do any damage at all. also checked immune to all spell effects. Should word it “immune to spells” imo.