Taunt and Intercepting attacks

Correct me if I’m wrong, but it seems like when a creature is taunting and intercepting attacks it will calculate damage based on the targeted creature instead of the creature intercepting. For example, you have a stronghold with a ton of HP and defenses, and it is taunting. The enemy targets another weaker creature without much defense, and the stronghold intercepts the attack, but takes a lot more damage than it seems like it should.
Is this how taunt was intended to work, or is it even functioning the way I’m describing? I could just be confused.
It seems awkward to have a nice tank-like creature, like stronghold, but to have its defenses completely bypassed. I’ll abuse this mechanic against enemy strongholds too. Attacking them directly does little damage, but attacking a different creature and having the stronghold intercept results in a lot more damage, making it much easier to kill the stronghold.

Another thing about intercepting attacks. It negates any unique effects that the attacker has. This is another effect that I’m not sure if it’s intended or not. For example, you attack with a servant hunter targeting some creature, but the stronghold intercepts. Now you don’t get the extra effects. (no 35% damage to 2 additional creatures and no bleed effect). Or you attack with a firewound angel, and a creature intercepts, it will never burn.

Is this how taunt is meant to work?

That is how taunt is intended to work for balance purposes, and yes, you hit the nail on the head regarding the way damage is calculated. I know that’s not how you’d expect it to work compared to other games, but in Siralim its sole purpose is to negative damage taken by other creatures. With that said, I am going to adjust the Doom Fortress family’s abilities very soon which will make them work a bit better as tank creatures. For example, the Stronghold will gain defense instead of losing defense when it provokes.

Hey, thanks for clarifying this!

I’m looking forward to the new provoke mechanic use for Doom Fortress creatures!
On an unrelated note, 1.0.8 still isn’t available on humble, so I haven’t got to play with the latest patch yet, except on android!