Taunt Inscription + Gravedigger is a Bad Idea

Tried this out today; didn’t have room for Topaz in my current setup, didn’t think it would matter.

About a half hour in, an enemy party showed up, and a Fallen Carnage oneshot my Digger.

After about ten minutes of scrolling text I exited the program.

Could you mitigate this by giving one of your other creatures the ability that gives all of your creatures molten armour? :slight_smile:

That is pretty funny.

Two days ago I ran into a bug where I had a Gimp Mummy on my team and did battle against a death shapeshifter. He was the last enemy and when I killed him he came back to life as another creature which is to be expected. But when I killed him again, he respawned as yet another creature. I killed him again, and guess what happened? Yep. Ressurected again. After close to 20 cycles of this nonsense I finally gave up.