Tavern Brawl alternative

regarding tavern brawls, iI don’t know if the stuff in the arena store is unique; if not then the whole system can go to hell. But if it is, i know lots of people like pvp and like to feel like they’re successful because they can beat people in a game and stuff, but is there -any- way it would be possible to trade tavern brawl tickets for the reward tickets, even at a ratio of like 1:1 or something low? First of all in case the server isn’t available to get new opponents, but more importantly because i am really not interested in any form of pvp, even asynchronous; at best i find it annoying and a waste of time, and at worst i lose my temper and risk being institutionalized if i express it to another person. if i could bypass the tavern brawls by spending more time in dungeons that really would be the ideal situation.

This has been suggested before, but I’m afraid that I can’t justify ever doing something like this. No matter how low the trade-in ratio would be, it would still take away from the whole purpose of the system.

I understand tavern brawls aren’t for everyone, and if you hate them that badly, you can just skip them. The rewards are just a few unique creatures and spells - nothing game-breaking by any means.

I can understand it, but i always resent games that force me to pvp for part of the content, especially when my knee jerk reaction is to find a way to cheat or worse. Do you get any tickets for losing/participating in battles?

You don’t get anything just for participating because then, people would just forfeit the battle in order to obtain rewards without any effort.

I figured you’d say that, and i can’t argue with the philosophy of it. I’ll just have to hope for a good week’s effects or that i get farther in the game and get better and more complementary creatures.

Would it be possible to have an indicator of how many you have on an item in shops or trading in emblems, so i know if i already have something like a legendary crafting material, rune, or creature core without backing out? Also, thanks for taking the time to respond, i appreciate it.

Would it be possible to make some kind of offline version of tavern brawls maybe against pre build teams players used before so that people who are using the switch can play on the go?

That’s part of the reason i asked about trading in tokens, in case you can’t get new opponents…but if you pick from a fixed bank of computer built teams you could potentially build a team to beat one or two of the teams and then keep cycling the brawlers to get those teams over and over for easy wins?

I don’t know how much work it would be to do this but maybe put them ob a timer? I mean you can do the same with player opponents right know because the enemy pool seems rather small

That would be a decent idea. I know the game is mobile in origin, and that mobile game players seem to like everything to be social and cloud based but i would like an alternative for offline options as well. But it sounds like Zack isn’t really interested? Since the game’s been out a year and he moved on to other projects for the most part its no surprise but if server support is ever ended or unavailable for any reason itll make those creatures unobtainable unfortunately :frowning: