Teleportation to the wrong realm - From 48 to 58.

Version 0.0.29 - Windows.

My current quest is : Wrath - End this war once and for all.
I teleported to the realm 48 several times and lost the battle againt the boss each time.
I went back to realm 47 where I died to a random encounter.
I teleported once more to realm 48 but instead I was sent to realm 58.

So now, I can access the realm from 49 to 58 even though I didn’t defeat the boss of realm 48.

Easy way to reproduce :
Go to the screen where you choose the realm level, let the UP key pressed down, press OK. You’re teleported to the realm selected + 10.

It is fixed but I wonder if my save is bugged.
I can drop knives but I don’t have the blood altar, at what realm and how is it available ? I have access to realm 59.