Tens digit not cycling to 0 when up is pressed

Version 1.4.3
Platform PC (Windows)
Crash Log N/A

When selecting realm depth, the tens digit will not cycle to 0 when up is pressed. Happens on PC and phone versions. Have been told that this works as expected (tens digit cycles to 0 when up is pressed) for another player who is in the hundreds for realm depth. Possibly fixes itself when floor 100 is reached?

This is intended. When you press up, and the selected digit is the maximum you can travel to at that time, it will simply max out the selected realm depth to make it easier for you. For example, if your maximum depth is at 48 and you press up with “4” in “42” selected, it would bring it to 48.


If that is the case, maybe cycling down past 0 in any digit location could set all the following digitis to 0, and the single digit to 1 if you do this with your highest digit.

I am going to be spending a lot of time priming newly-summoned creatures, would be nice to have a faster way to constantly select floor 1.