Text size too small!

I am currently playing Siralim on my Apple Watch, and the text is too small to read clearly. :o :-\

Have you considered optimizing text size to different sizes of devices?

Zack is reworking the entire UI based on mobile feedback, you can find official information from siralim’s programmer in the announcement section and various posts (he talks about this alot since it’s his primary focus recently)

Welcome to the forums crumple.

Siralim only runs on Apple Watches that cost $10,000 or more, sorry!

I’ve bought one and it does not work, please refund me !

I’m kidding, obviously :slight_smile:

Geeze, people really buy those things… O.O

The new default text is much more readable. Thank you! :smiley:

I don’t know how to take a screenshot of my Apple Watch. However, now when I try to enchant gems, I am getting a crash screen. Are you aware of this problem? :-\

Haven’t seen that one before. Could you please take a Polaroid picture of the error message and mail it to my home address?

Lol, yes, Polaroid. It’s probably the same bug others had been experiencing with their iOS. If the update hasn’t come already, it should be fixed by it. There’s a part for it in support.