Thanks for the great, deep game

first sorry about my bad english… if i use wrong words - just ask and i will try with others :slight_smile:

I found Siralim 3 on Steam a few weaks ago and i gave it a try. I liked it from the beginning - other games has a friendly pixie for the tutorial - Siralim has Torun.
I always loved complex games, especially for the possibility to play a game in the way i want it to play. So Siralim 3 let me play as a Life Mage - the backbone of my party are ophans and spirits with a lot of healing and barriers… i love that i can play how i want cause of the enormous variety of creatures and traits.
Another very good thing is: There is no stress… i can alway have a break - even in combat - i have not to press fast different keys and click simultanously with the mouse to avoid the deadly AOE of the Boss… i can play as fast i want, with breaks if i want (even in boss-battle)
Last but not least - i can choose how difficult the game is. If i want more thrill, i progress in realms - if i want just grinding i stay in easy realms and have fun. Its for me important that there is the possibility to play so fast - and so slow - i want. This is only possible cause there is no autoleveling of mobs or even Exp-reduction with increasing levels. The Exp-System in Siralim and the progress in Game is exact that kind that makes me happy.

I am looking excited forward to Siralim Ultimate - and i am happy the kickstarter-campaign was so succesfull.

Zack - please… never think you have to change your kind of making games… just make them bigger, deeper, but not really different… a pianist should not give a e-guitarre-konzert, if people come to hear play him piano :slight_smile:

Thanks for the great job you do… i have - since weaks - a lot of fun every evening playing your game.


Yes! I completely agree.

Torun is awesome, and Zack makes wonderful games!!

Can’t wait for Siralim Ultimate. Siralim 3 is one of my favorite games of all time and I think Ultimate might end up being even better!

Thank you for the kind words! I can’t wait for you to try out Siralim Ultimate.