Thanks for the quick update to Siralim 3 - Zack!

Since the one in support was locked I really just wanted to make sure to thank you for such a quick update. Holding B to reset the options worked like a charm and now I have the ability to move and move the cursor. Thanks so much. ^.^

Awesome, glad it worked for you!

Not sure why the forums aren’t letting you post in that topic… I’ll have to see what’s causing it to bug out.

Thinking that i had to relog to post this topic it was probably due to not being logged in. So a goof on my part is highly likely. ^.^;

Heya Zack,

The new keybind conflicts with my gamepad and the game Options are reset everytime I open the game and let it sit on the main screen for 10 seconds :frowning:

I posted on the support forum thx