Thanks Zack!

I haven’t been posting on this forum since the original Siralim, but I’ve been lurking around here and there. Just wanted to say congrats on the mobile release. I purchased Siralim 2 on Steam when it came out there, and I happily bought it again on both Android and IOS today.

5 dollars is a fantastic value for the amount of content and replay-ability offered by either game, and the continued development along with consistent interaction with the community on the Siralim forums is outstanding.

So, again, congrats on the mobile release, and thanks so much for bringing us such an entertaining game. I’m sure it was a ton of work, and you deserve to be proud of your efforts.

Thanks for the kind words, Holts! Glad to see you’re back here again :slight_smile: Thanks for your support!

Agreed! I bought on steam for a couple friends and myself and was ecstatic when i saw it was now on Android. Been sinking a ton of time into it and love all the changes from the first game.

Thanks for making it!

Same here! Its been a while since I frequented these forums. Its nice to see how great this game turned out!

Ive been lurking around here too since the playstation release, and i gotta say I love this game too. It perfectly fills in the DragonQuest Monsters shaped hole in my heart XD! Thanks for serving our tiny little niche Zach! and everyone else too!

!am agreed!