The adventures, treasury, and arsenal of King Rion

Just a forewarning I will not be putting my current adventures in spoiler tags only my Treasury and Arsenal. I will be displaying images of anything awesome I encounter. My Treasury will consist of items and anything particularly awesome I encounter. Arsenal shall consist of artifacts, my perks, and monsters.

The power of death beckons me into awareness and gives me the desire to quest into the depths of the realms. I will make use of any monster I find interesting and I shall learn to switch between the different classes of power when need be. Today… I take command of Siralim! My overriding goal? To master the thousand realms I have heard tale of, and if I am lucky construct numerous teams of monsters that are interesting to make use of.

Current Story Goal:
Phobos’ Grip

Day 1: 4 realtime hours spent discovering the joy known as Siralim 2.

Active Team:
Rapturous Ghoul; Abyssal Spectre; Dusk Crusader;
Skeleton Sniper; Ebony Ent; Fallen Carnage

1 Glowing Shard
7 Pandemonium Tokens
1 Powerful Bottled Fairy

Materials(Legendary only):
1 Living Eyeball (Center of the Universe)
1 Rancid Effigy (Jealousy)
1 Raw Dough (Secret Ingredient)
1 Thunderstruck Plume (Thundershock)

1 Chicken
5 Cloth Scraps
84 Exalted Emblems

Quest Items:
Red Nether Orb
Black Nether Orb[/spoiler]

Level 5 Minor Sigil of the Wyvern

[spoiler]Artifacts(Branded only):

Runes(* In use):

Spellgems(Ones I find interesting):
Gem of Horrify(MC-24%; Casts Twice; 11% Cast on hit)
Gem of Holy Smite(20% Cast on hit)
Gem of True Light(MC-24%)
Gem of Snowstorm(MC-41%)