The Evolution of a Game: How Siralim 3 Was Born

Man I’m glad it worked out this way! Siralim is such a unique gem. No other game is like it. From everything that’s been announced in this version sounds amazing and new. I play the crap out of S2 on my IPhone. My wife goes shopping and I sit in car playing it haha.

I’m looking forward to the sigils! S2 Sigil system is not that fun anymore, being able to easily modify it made them so bland, their +stat properties seem very weak, the challenge is no different. So I look forward to S3 hopefully when I see +140% hp, their hp actually increases by 2.4x normal lol.

Other than that, level cap + breeding to increase and pills I love this. Im very excited for S3!

It’s interesting that you cite the Cast on Hit as the problem for spell gems. Honestly, Cast on Hit was fine and almost a bit too weak because creatures you attacked with generally weren’t the ones you wanted to cast spells with in the first place. The only time it was overpowered is when you had spells that caused creatures to attack, such as Panic Attack and Fury Swipes which caused recursion on the Cast on Hit property. If it weren’t for the “spells that cause more attacks, which cause more spells, which cause more attacks, etc.”, Cast on Hit would rarely be used.

The truly broken ones were Cast At Start of Battle that didn’t require a user input/action and occurred prior to enemy turns, and to a lesser extent the Cast on Death for the same reason.

Looking forward to S3!