The Lost / Apis Protector adjacency

I gave The Lost (this creature is considered adjacent to all your creatures) Apis Protector’s trait (this creature and creatures adjacent to it are resistant to debuffs) on an artifact but only the two creatures actually next to it seem to benefit from the resist. The other three creatures are still debuffable as normal. It’s not disarmed, so I don’t think it’s losing the trait somehow.

Is this a bug, or is there a weird behavior with adjacency where The Lost can be considered adjacent to a creature, but that creature is not adjacent to it? If the latter, is there maybe a better way to phrase it to be less confusing?

I could always get the desired effect for the same number of traits by just having two apis protectors in my party, but I really love the aesthetic of The Lost and would love to get to use it here.

This is intended. Not really sure how to re-word it without making it sound ridiculous but I’m open to suggestions!

Good to know, thanks!

For a clarification suggestion, what about something like “This creature is considered adjacent to all your creatures. Your other creatures are adjacent to it as normal. This trait does not stack.”

Someone else on the discord (@RamdomLogic) also suggested the following:

“This creature recieves all effects that would require it to be adjacent to your other creatures”

Is it intended that it doesn’t intercept attacks when having the Guardian Trait? I’m guessing probably but I feel like if he is “adjacent” to them it should work, but I guess it does say “on creatures adjacent to it”.

Wait, looked again and it says “it’s adjacent allies”, which makes it sound like it should work, but yeah, it’s hard to word it.