The Negative: Devlog #1: An Overview of the Game

I like the animation of opening chests taking slightly longer to indicate the size / weight of the chest. Could also be rarity I guess.

Enemies running away reminds me of some games that’d have the enemies flee from higher level characters. Maybe, enemies that chase you, move at a hesitant pace. Kind of a reward / indicator of being overleveled for the area.

Zeal, a currency for advancement, but at a cost if not prepared. Does that imply a maximum held per area once at 100%?

There’s no maximum limit. The amount of Zeal it takes to become “100% positive” is based on the amount it costs to reach the next level. Any amount of Zeal you’re holding after that has no effect.

So it’s basically like an open world Souls game.

You said the world was infinite, does that apply to the seven “main story” areas, or is that just a post-game thing?

I like that monsters have their own behaviour. Maybe the really rare ones will run away from the player at incredible speeds and it’ll take some planning to capture them!

I don’t know how I feel about fusing monsters. I’d rather have a system like Pokémon where each creature learns different skills by levelling up than something like SMT where you have to chain-fuse to get the skills you want on the creatures you want (and since you can fuse anything there’s no sense in trying to capture the fleeing enemies, for example). I’d still enjoy that system, so it’s not a big problem for me either way :stuck_out_tongue: I’ll just wait until a devblog explains that system!

You’ll be able to re-visit the main story areas as well. They’ll be very similar to the post-game worlds you’ll visit, except the NPC names will be predetermined and there might be a few other unique things. It’s important to note that even the story areas are randomly generated.

For the most part, I just wanted to change the name of the system from “breeding” to “fusion” because the former gave some people the impression that you’ll be able to keep your creatures after you breed them, when that obviously wasn’t the case.

Monsters learn skills as they level up, as you said. By default, each monster can learn a unique set of skills, and by fusing monsters, you can pass skills on to the offspring - even skills that the offspring couldn’t normally learn by itself. There are some limitations in place to ensure that each monster remains unique, but that type of thing is something I’ll discuss in a later devblog post.

Sounds like a clever anti-grinding mechanic in the short run. An overleveled character will have a tougher time expanding their light radius in easy areas due to low zeal yield relative to their level. There may be something else meant by “next level” though.

We’ll learn more later, but my thought was to scour all available areas before leveling up my character. Since Positivity is at 100% then.

What I meant to ask was if the areas have borders :stuck_out_tongue:

I think I misunderstood what you meant by infinite open world. I was expecting infinite areas that would be created and destroyed dynamically as you moved (not sure if it’s even doable, but it’s what I thought when I read that).

Imagine a bunch of chunks all glued together. One chunk might use a “depression” tileset, and you can exit that chunk to the north, south, east, or west to visit a different chunk with a different tileset. You can revisit an old chunk whenever you want.

So yes, each chunk has a border, simply because it’d otherwise be difficult to smoothly transition from one tileset to another.

Hope that makes sense and it answers what you’re asking!

sounds LEGIT.

yea would be good to get a clear write up of the fusing and combining of monsters, so we actually know what happens when you fuse. like a) a spell gets passed on, or stats or talents ect.
i do love the zeal mechanic in every way, very risk v reward. pretty cool!
more monster AI is always welcome.

my comments from reddit since you seem to be answering things here.

will there be talent trees?
that book with a face on it could be skills or talents?
is there crafting? is that what you use ore for? looks like there is crafting tools and weapons so fingers crossed for a wide range of crafting and combining of elements/materials. hope leans on PoE item design or something, would be cool to really customize items to the max like siralim/poe.

I see there is a maximum stack of 5 per item type. hopefully with a huge assortment of items there is no backpack limit… some games like merchant do allow you pay 99c for backpack slots which isnt too bad ( but if its on top of a 19.99$ price point then yea, no backpack unlocks please)

I know its tough to code combat AI, but maybe something more challenging then what we have now in siralim enemy is invis -> always defend? id probably like it to keep autocast/start of battle spells/effects to a minimum too, but still leave combat deep and complex with lots of options for killing/disabling/outlasting or bursting your opponents. also you said potions are restricted so would be nice to have a very resilient healing/mana regen team.

why did you decide on 4 monsters instead of 6?

i like the themes being emotions and not ice world fire world beach world ect, but hopefully its not too “black washed” all the time.

I hope the maps and levels are more complex then siralim, maybe some secrets, traps and stuff like pixel dungeon?

thumbs up for it being another ‘infinite proc gen’ game ( I love the pokemon/minecraft chunk design you explained above), always good! hope there is a clearly defined end game or not just basic 7 levels scaling up to x level, but high level scripted difficulty content like the gods in siralim ( with better ai)

would be nice to see a more complex ‘arena’ style level where it is endless. hard modes/punishments are always welcome for added difficulty.

[quote=“virtua, post:9, topic:3434”]will there be talent trees?
that book with a face on it could be skills or talents?[/quote]

No, at least that’s not in the plans for now. The reason for that is because I wanted to push all the customization options into fewer areas than in Siralim to hopefully make the game feel less intimidating for newcomers. In turn, monsters are much more customizable in this game than they were in Siralim.

Yes, there’s crafting. I’ll dedicate at least one blog post to that.

Each item has a different maximum amount. No need to buy bag slots for real money, that’s horrible game design.

Monsters are more complex in this game than in Siralim and it would be way too difficult to manage 6 at a time. Plus, I want battles to be a little shorter and I want each monster to feel more meaningful than they did in Siralim.


+1 for shorter battles.
although, a couple longer / special battles thrown in could be interesting for challenges / quests / bosses

Yes, there's crafting. I'll dedicate at least one blog post to that.
crafting like how it is in siralim 2 where you make a base item and then add stats ect ( ie pretty simple) or more something more along the lines of poe/diablo ect ( more adv) either way excited to get to looting/crafting.

also are there rarity/sets of items or is it just like item levels 1-10.

Could you give an example of monster customization. that sounds fun!

Well, for one thing, fusing the skills you want into the creature you want.

These kind of sentences scares me, as they very often tend to mean “less depth” or “simplified gameplay” or “more basic mecanism” or many other things that are not good for players looking for dense, deep, rich, games.

[quote=“Tchey, post:15, topic:3434”]

These kind of sentences scares me, as they very often tend to mean “less depth” or “simplified gameplay” or “more basic mecanism” or many other things that are not good for players looking for dense, deep, rich, games.[/quote]

Well, if you cut off everything I said before and after that and take the sentence out of context, I can see how that would be a little scary :wink:

Can you tell us a bit about what you’re trying to do in terms of balance with this game?

The Siralim games had “game-breaking combos” intentionally left in the game so that people could discover them and enjoy the game that way, and it was easy enough to avoid them for players who enjoyed a more balanced game. Is that still your plan with The Negative?

Also, will the customization be extensive enough that players can basically use any 4 creatures they like visually as long as they customize them properly?

It’ll be much, much, much harder to “break” the game than it was in Siralim. Still, having perfect balance won’t be the primary focus since it’s inevitable that some skills will be stronger than others anyway.

And yes, you’ll be able to use any party composition you want and succeed, although some combinations will of course have an easier time than others.

Siralim was all about finding some crazy combination that allowed you to quickly blast your way through battles and move on to the next realm as fast as possible. The Negative is a lot slower-paced in that regard, since you probably won’t be one-shotting everything as long as you’re taking on a challenge appropriate for your level. You’ll see why that’s the case when I reveal more information about how monsters work, how equipment works, and things like that.


Seems like a lot of the graphics could each be plot / background info.

In the latest twitter photo,
there looks to be a pained buried statue, and the giant rock in the middle kinda looks like a person of some sort. Then there’s the blood dripping branch with candles (why drip blood?). The curious item, is a spiked object.