The Negative: Devlog #11: Monster Spotlight - Pontiff

A bit unimaginative - previous concepts you shown were much better.

Is this sprite final ?

The idle (first) animation is final, but I’m thinking about redoing the attack animation since it looks pretty weird.

By unimaginative, are you referring to the skills or just the sprite? Or both?

I personally like it, in terms of skills at least. I love versatile creatures and we’ve seen a lot of supporting creatures that would go great with it.

If it’s about the sprite, the concept of a creepy bishop is about as imaginative as a floating grimoire, and I don’t really see the problem with it. The attack animation could be a little better, I guess, though I’m not sure I would have noticed without the loop at the end :stuck_out_tongue:

Like the concept, but not so sure of the art tbh.
In all honesty had you not pointed out it was a bishop, I would think it was some kind of zombie chef wearing a tattered apron and sporting one hell of a golden helmet.

Rework the golden helmet to be a little more subtle colour wise, make it look a little more like a bishops hat and then give it one of the big staff crucifix things (see my awesome knowledge of actual regalia names!) and I think the look would be improved :slight_smile: