The Negative: Devlog #2: Monsters

seems nice. so every monster will roll a different personality each time? thats good for strategy/replayability. item specific skills is good. hopefully there are classic specific items too. more and more diablo2-ness… which is good! I like how resistances are clearly laid out, unlike in siralim2 its hard to figure which is weak to which class. will each unfused base monster will have always x/y passive/active abilities and x/y when leveling?

for fused monsters is it random which parents’ skills/levelup skills get passed down? or is it a mishmash of both each time to really have you grind until you get that perfect levelup skill assortment?

are those different types of amulets I see? could they be like pokeball tiers? lol master amulet, greater amulet ect.

Yes, monsters always learn the same natural skills at the same levels. But different monsters learn different skills at different levels, of course. If you’ve ever played Pokemon, it’s a lot like that.

It can be random, or you can choose which skills get passed down. That’s more expensive, of course. I’ll get into more details about monster fusion in a later devlog post.