The Negative: Devlog #3: Consumable Items And How To Craft Them

pretty sweet, cant wait to see the ores/armor stuff.
i DO and dont like the lack of minimap/map. its not a bad thing per say but it has some challenges. but depending on how the game is designed it is not necessary.

if the game world is randomly generated will I be able to manually ( draw by hand or create one on the computer) create a map of my seed/world layout? is the map persistent and ever expanding? ( think pokemon style layouts) or will it change all the time like siralim, where every ‘level’ or tier is a new layer of randomized generated map with identical types of entry and exit points. Ie are levels ‘deep’ (each below the other) or ‘wide’ (beside one another.)

Yes, you could create a map if you wanted to, since as you guessed, the world is persistent and just expands over time as you travel around.

ah cool. yea I will probably do that if needed :slight_smile:

I’d enjoy reading more about anything !

One thing, i don’t like to have 6 herbs, with 2 of the having the same first letter “S”. Small rant, but it would be nice to have different ones so we can be lazy and say “s” to understand it’s about Sorrowseed (or is it Shimmerblossom ?).


shim v sorrow