The Negative: new fonts

this is a mere sugestions to the game the Negative developer and a reply to a post he made in tigsource forums.
The new text font that you posted is amazing but since it is a game that has a dark age/gothic theme. shouldn’t it better and more fit to have a more gothic font in some parts of the game like for example in the inicial menu and game over screen of castlevania: symphony of night?
I think it give a more dark vibe using gothic fonts and put the person more on the mood of the game.What do you think?what do the other people(that are not the developer)think?

Thanks for the feedback! The pixel font is used exclusively in parts of the user interface for now. The dialog and things like that aren’t shown in the screenshots, but those use a very formal/gothic font. I’ll try to post a few more screenshots that include dialog later on so you can see that too.