The New Pantheon [Free art prize] [Endgame spoilers]

it’d be fun to emphasize a little headcanon i have when it comes to when you become a life/death/chaos/sorcery/nature god: whichever god deified you first influences your godhood’s form.

I was deified by Regalis, who became my patron goddess upon apotheosis and thus the doggod of death, Sirius, is specifically for assassination–Regalis is goddess of poison, I am the god of death with my domain being assassination. We go out for ambrosia every other week with Erebyss and gossip about the other gods.

Anyway, I decided to draw dog God of Venom, Sirius, and decided to make it a sort of thing:

Post here proof of godhood that you’ve beaten Misery and your ruler’s patron deity + your mage class and get a free portrait of them because why not.


Cool art! Too bad I’m not qualified yet :confused: STill a long way to be defied.

Thank Sirius! I love your art!

Death God defied by Yseros.

Redid my card:


Sirius is apparently too lazy to add this, it’s Jamosoup’s

jamosup’s god Xyzzyx, deity of paradoxes and doomed timelines

Thank you so much for the picture! I love the abstract elements; whenever I pick up a pencil and paper I tend to just draw abstract shapes, so this fits me well :slight_smile: And I dig the little reference in the title too :wink: Sorry I wasn’t there when you initially uploaded it, I caught it right after you went to work!

I really like this idea, thank you for volunteering