The Other Post-a-Build Challenge.

Siralim the First had one and it was a blast. Siralim the Second is so much better than its elder brother (quite the accomplishment, really). And as such it needs to have its own Post-a-Build thread, which will obviously be far superior to the original thread.

The rules are simple; I name a creature here in the opening post, then someone posts a build centered around that creature and finish off by posting a creature of their own that the next sod has to build around. And round and round it goes. Oh, and no Nether Creatures and we’ll assume your creatures are all gene strength 0, so as to avoid creatures with min-maxed stats and silly-silly Nether comboes.

So without further adue: Creep Mummy. (Inner Hatred: Your creatures have 100% extra attack. This bonus is ignored while attacking. This trait does not stack).


EDIT: It bears to mention, that this thread will be replaced, once the beta is over. We can’t have beta builds all over the place in the neat-but-too-distant future.

Can we make it simpler, like no artifacts?

Basically 6 traits that go well together + spell gems, with 1 trait as the main theme.


Creep Mummy (Inner Hatred) + Poison gas spell
Canopy Archanalisk (Here to die)
Lethal Smog (Creeping Death)
Lethal Smog (Creeping Death)
Nighmare Golem (Bad Dreams)
Ceaseless Maker (Anomaly)

Enemies start battle asleep, Poison gas with Creep Mummy for double poison potency due to inner hatred, use creeping death to deal double damage to all poisoned monsters, Anomaly links all monster hp so even if some enemies are poison immune all enemies can still die from other enemies taking damage. Monsters have higher chance of staying asleep since they are not hit by attacks, poisoned monsters are afflicted with snare as a backup to limit enemy action.

I choose for the next person

Hell Watcher (Sycophant) This creature deals 100% more damage for each dead creature you have more than the enemy.

Hell Watcher (Sycophant)
5x Waspid Soldier (Final Sting)

The Waspids go first and kill themselves, then the Hell Watcher finishes off whatever’s left. Possible artifact/Nether Traits would be anything to help survivability (Pariah, War Forged, Admire the Gods, etc.) and Multistrike stuff for the Waspids. The Nether should be the fastest Waspid so that it can Mass Dispel invisible enemies and it should have Hive Mind to kill itself next turn in that case. If the player is a Chaos Mage, any Waspid can use Mass Dispel and no Nethers are needed. The main problem enemies would be Cosmic Giants and Immortal Kings, so the Hell Watcher should have Multicast with the rune that makes it cast 4 times.

The Waspids should try not to kill enemies, just spread the damage so that Sycophant’s bonus is higher.

If more creature variety is desired, use Final Sting as the artifact trait.

Next one:

Krampus (You Ruined Christmas) Enemies take 50% more damage for each other creature of the target’s same class fighting on its side. This trait does not stack.

H-how do you even build around him without access to class-changing effects?!

There seems to be a legit need for class-changers, though. Scourge spells, the entire Devil class, Lances and Class-Shields really, really want them. I’m going to start a Kreate a Kreature Korner 2 thread sometime and suggest adding a class-changing family to the game.

Umm… theme-build it is then.

Krampus: You Ruined Christmas - Your guys deal 50% more damage to enemies per enemy who share their class.
Non-optional Artifact - Death Shield: Black Crystal Smith - Unbreakable: Your class-shields prevent 100% damage, rather than 70.

Cinder Devil: Giant’s Destruction - This creature deals 150% damage to Nature creatures. Nature creatures only deal 50% damage to this creature.
Optional Artifact - Life Shield: Sphinx Zealot - Pharaoe’s Mane: Enemy creatures have 5% lower stats for each creature on your team with the same class as another.

Twisted Devil: Angel’s Horror - Same as above, but with Life.
Optional Artifact - Chaos Shield: Sphinx Elder - Pharaoe’s Boon: Your creatures have 10% higher stats for each creature on your side which shares a class with another.

Doom Devil: Devil’s Deciet - Same as above, but with Chaos.
Optional Artifact - Sorcery Shield: Sphinx Avenger - Desert Glory: Your creatures have a 5% chance per creature on your side, which shares a class, to ressurect upon death with 50% health.

Stone Devil: Dragon’s Undoing - Same as above, but with Sorcery.
Optional Artifact - Death Shield: Sphinx Healer - Rejuvenation: Your creatures heal 10% health, at the start of their turn, for each of your creatures that share a class with them.

Skull Devil: Revenant’s Toll - Same as above, but with Death.
Optional Artifact - Nature Shield: Sphinx Ordainer - Blessing of Sands: Your “Sphinx” traits count as if you control two more creatures of the same class.

The shields + Unbreakable combo should keep your guys alive, especially as they’re wearing shields from classes other than their “hate” class. The optional Sphinx traits (hopefully!) keep them all alive and all benefit from your entire team being Chaos class. Turned out better than expected, although it is very, very luck-reliant and won’t preform any round-1 kills.

Plus the Devils look awesome.

Frostfire Efreet - Living Flame: Whenever an enemy creature takes damage from Burn, deal 50% of that damage to the creatures next to it.

You just use a charm when you enter the realm and voila, you increased your probability of ruining christmas.

Kinda off topic but being able to class change enemies would be sort of broken with the current shields. You could essentially be 100% damage immune or have a massive damage bonus to every enemy. It would be nice to see an enemy change spell gem with the effects of class shields lowered a bit to compensate though, that would actually make them a decent general equip option.