The teams / combos thread (spoilers)

Got an interesting, perfect, or just fun combo or team you use? Let’s hear them!

My team just got messed up by the Stronghold nerf, it was-

Unicorn vivifier, unicorn healer with legendary artifact (full attack + splinters), Stronghold (nether egg full health, legendary artifact health + celestial disk), two attackers and a status giver (usually fallen carnage for 5 kill combos and skeleton marksman with nightmare legendary filled with status debunks for comboing off the multiple attacks of carnage).

I’m thinking of using Mouth of Hell with some artifact to give him max health out the roof and use Disk of Light to revive him when needed. I would need to ditch my healer but right now only major sigils could survive two attacks from his effect.

I might do a Scorching Rock on the wyvern that gives silence on spells, but I’ll need to see how frequent spells are. Also considering a team of all skeleton marksman with Eye of Accuracy boosts, but I need some stats on the autokill effect before trying that. I don’t have any legendary artifacts that would be better for a 6 marksman team yet.

For fun, right now I’ll try seeing who is more effective, a disease Smith (40% attack bypasses defense in addition to attack) or death Smith (200% weapon damage) combos with a full attack + proficiency enhanced blade.