The topic of new creature buffs

Seeing the new announcement in the discord I’d like to suggest buffing Genbu, this is my backer creature and I apologize for this coming off as me being biased, but its current trait, while not bad 5% doesn’t feel like much. But aside from Genbu I will allow others suggest what traits need fixing or buffs down below

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Three creatures I will put here I know that may need changes:

Jaculus: This creature ignores Barriers and Shelled, this is an okay trait but there’s a Defiler trait that does this but better called Impiety, Impiety making it so this exact same trait works with all your creatures.

Toyland amalgamation: This one is probably already an obvious one, but its trait generally downright bad compared to Cantripology.

Mind Reaver: This creature has the Same-trait-but worse syndrome, its trait being similar to Centaur Wrangler without any downsides or additional effects.

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