The trait Screeching Barrage appears bugged

Good afternoon

Attached is a screenshot of battle history.

As you can see, starting at the top, I had 2 or 3 attacks launched without proc’ing screeching barrage, even though the attacks hit AND dealt damage (which appear to be requirements for a lot of on attack effects)

Neither remaining monster has any trait that would prevent Screeching Barrage from procing in spite of several allies successfully attacking and dealing damage.

While im here on a related topic, is it intended that traits that occur “when this/ally monster attacks” only proc if the attack both hits and deals at least 1 damage?

Just curious if i need to give more information or pictures. Its definitely bugged and it is hindering Screeching Barrage from being a viable trait to build a team around

That’s enough information, thank you! I haven’t had a chance to test this out yet though.

Ok! From my testing it seems to work consistently if i have my monsters attack each other (like casting sabotage on myself)

But proc’ing off attacking enemies is bugged, even when attack hits and deals damage