The true Power of The Priest

Most of the Priests gives large boosts to one stat by 30% of their own respective stat and end their turn. That is very helpful, because they didn’t need mana to do so and even if they are the last one standing, they can cast Life Spells to revive the other Creatures in their team.

To maximize the powers of the Priests, take two of the same Priest with you- One strengthens the other one, so the statboosts skyrocket into incredibly high values. Especially, but not only, new players can make great use of this.

What happens if a Priest has a Priest trait on his artifact?

Also I’m excited to try a Priest team, if you have any good synergies in mind.

I think that only your own trait activates.

My Priest team is very strong. Two Forest Priests give speed, the Manticore Decimator then gives 50% of the increase as attack boost. The most important part in the team is Dusk Crusader, who gets 40% defense when attacking and his second trait from his weapon allows him to attack three times when an opponent dies. He then attacks, gets defense, then activates the trait of Manticore Decimator and gives him 50% of the defense increase as a bonus to attack. As he gets more and more defense, he also gets more and more attack and dissects the opponent team. And not only does he attack three times, he always attacks three times when he defeats an opponent. Since he has fast times 12000 attack. And that at level 200.

Manticore Decimator doesn´t work with attack boosts, only with non-attack boosts.

That sounds pretty strong, stronger than my set up! Still, Mountain Priest got me through the final battle nicely enough. Haven’t seen a wild Priest creature since reading this thread though, can’t expand my collection :frowning:

Maybe you discovered an breeding recipe that didn´t involve any priests?

Are creature spawns based on recipes? I have a recipe for Forest Priest, but that won’t help me get Charms.

Also I finally found ONE priest and its own team Death Siphoned it before I could extract!

I would said that you eventually had an recipe for an Priest that didn´t involve an Priest so that you can breed one of them.

Yeah, that happens often. If I want an creature, they kill themselve and my Dusk Crusader raid through the rest an kill all of them before I can cast Resurrection.

OMG I never thought to try resurrecting an enemy

EDIT: Guess you can’t :frowning:

Found a recipe and made another Mountain Priest. These guys are fun in pairs!

[quote=“Grue, post:8, topic:4486”]OMG I never thought to try resurrecting an enemy

EDIT: Guess you can’t :([/quote]
Divinity allows you to resurrect the enemy team.

Oh, I haven’t found that one yet. Definitely going to need that!

As a Priests note, I’m finding one Priest, a Gluttonous Slime, and some Timewalk spells just as good as running two Priests while only killing one slot with a Priest.

Sorry, about the Divinity-thing, I forget to mention the name. It´s cool in Boost-Teams to revive the Enemies, get the cores and kill them again.

But two Priests are stronger than one Priest and one Slime. It´s your choice, but I doesn´t need more Attackers, my Dusk Crusader is powerful enough to beat up all enemies at once.