The Ultimate Tank?

Im still very new to the game, only level 30ish, so this is totally based on theory crafting.

The best is a Nether creature, you need 3 traits to make it “immune” to all form of damage.

Spiral Ward - This creature is immune to damage from spells
Faith’s Armor - After this creature attacks or is attacked, it gains Shell
Vigilance - This creature intercepts attacks on its allies, but when it does, it takes extra damage equal to 10% of its Maximum Health

Artifact need: Heirloom of Sheltering - Start Battle With Shell

So Spiral Ward make you completely immune to spell damage. You start with shell, it blocks one instance of damage regardless of value, with faith’s armor, every time you are attacked, you lose a shell and gain another one. Vigilance just make sure the tank gets the job done.

You can get an attack blocking only version to work on a regular Holy Crusader or Apis Defender. (yes, the enemy can remove buff and one shot you)

PS: I’m currently farming materials to put this to a test.

Fair warning: the effect you listed for Spiral Ward is different from what is in the current version of the game. Now it reads “While this creature is below 50% Health, it does not take damage from spells.” I’m not sure if the other two have been changed, but Spiral Ward definitely has. At any rate, I’m guessing the wiki is out of date.

As far as I know, both Faith’ Armor and vigilance is consistence with the wiki

Nice, my idea for the ‘ultimate tank’ is a bit different.

Celestial King - Your creatures cannot take damage that exceeds 45% of their Maximum Health.
Valkyrie Knight - This creature takes 50% of the damage in place of your other creatures from attacks and spells. (helps with spell damage as provoke is only attacks)
Abbadon Guard - Your creatures take 1% less damage for every 1% of Health they’re missing. This trait does not stack.

Artifact - Carver Sadist - After this creature defends, it attacks other creatures at random for 50% normal damage. This effect repeats 7 times. (apply weak/taunt on hit)

Dun Rune - Your creatures with Taunt automatically provoke at the end of their turn.

Celestial King is slightly different now too. The trait does not function if the damage prevented exceeds 100% of Maximum HP.

Currently running an Apis defender plus Castitas sanctus with Eye of the storm for defense.

My Apis defender had Long live, but it worked rather poorly, so I added the Eye of the storm.

I finished the setup at 33, had some fun at 34, hit a brick wall at 35. Now, Im looking for a new team, RIP all the effort.

You’ll eventually get killed by things like poison gas and AOE burn which shell won’t block (also faith’s armor won’t trigger off of spells so… it’s quite possible to lose it and not have it up for the next attack). Endurance aura helps to a point, but you’ll reach a point where even that won’t prevent the amounts of damage coming in.

@FDru, I have already changed my setup. Using Eye of the storm to keep my Apis Defend alive.

Artifact can roll Immune for poison and burn, it looks like a must, if I’m running out slot, I can pick up In Flames and Poison Inoculation. I have not gotten late enough yet, but it seems either strength of the mind or Diligence will be a necessary pick up?