The Unaligned Gods: Something Ambitious!

You know that I run a thread about the Unaligned Realms, right? Well, I did put two Aligned Realms in there…but looking them over, and coming up with more, gave me an idea.

Basically, it’s this: if you, humble reader, would like to parttake of what I do, here’s a thread in which you can do it. If you have a god idea, put it here. Gimme your best shot, put on your thinking cap and come up with the very best god you can think of.

In gameplay, should Zack permit it, I figure these Gods would each have charge of their associated Unaligned Realm, and their altar may occasionally show up in those Unaligned Realms that lack a God altogether.

…and to make the process easier, here’s a nice little template. The realm stuff is completely optional, but it DOES help a bit. Feel free to copy and paste this:


Floor: What the realm’s walkable surface looks like.
Walls: What the realm’s non-walkable surfaces look like.
Effect: (OPTIONAL) Any effect that visually alters how the realm looks, like fog or rain.
Presiding Deity: The name and title of your god.

A quick write-up of your realm, lore-wise.

Six things that can be interacted with in this realm for effects. ‘Destroyed’ items don’t count, because they’re…yanno, not notable. :stuck_out_tongue:

Element: What element your God is(Chaos, Death, Life, Nature or Sorcery)
Bio: A write-up of your god, ideally hitting all the high points. This is where you can REALLY go off on the lore, appearance and personality and such. You can even include a paragraph as to what sorts of creatures are associated with said god(if you do this, I may opt to PM you to ask about them, so they can be worked out in detail).

Also, another optional thing: a Talisman for that god’s godshop:

Name: What the talisman is called.
Max. Level: What its max level is.
Where: Where you get it(usually your realm’s Godshop).
Effect: What the talisman does.
Super Effect: What your Talisman does extra at Lv. 100.

And to prove I’m not just bluster, I’ll post the two Gods I’ve come up with so far first, and then follow up with the others I’ve devised. Monster mentions are usually from THIS thread. Now then:


Floor: Heavy, if battered wooden docks, supported by thick, wooden beams.
Walls: A waveless, lifeless sea, slightly greyish blue.
Effect: Pouring rain.
Presiding Deity: Cordemis, the Goddess of Mercy.

The Docks of Farewell are the domain of the Goddess of Mercy, long-abandoned and forgotten, to the point where it was considered a myth. But, as it turns out, the destruction of the deified ruler of Siralim, while it unleashed a vast amount of magic that revealed many new realms, also shed light upon this dreary, rain-covered place, where souls unremembered drift ashore and languish until they can pass on. That’s not to say this place does not have its dangers, as monsters, too, wash up here and the seas themselves teem with threats galore…

Wooden Gravestone: Similar in look to the ones in Azural’s realm. Pay your respects at these to gain a Token…Cordemis or Unaligned.
Shipwrecks: They look like the shipwrecks from Friden’s realm, but they work more like Imp huts. The crews here are working on these ships to pass on, but they need something extra to help them shove off. Usuaully loose planks, like in Lister’s realm. Give all shipwrecks the parts they need for a nice item cache and a big boost of Favor with Cordemis.
Skull Pile: Like the ones in Erebyss’ realm. Purify the skulls, and the grateful souls once bound to them will bestow a buff.
Lit Campire: Snuff these campfires to get a quick lot of Power.
Crates: Like Tartarith’s ones. These are the regular breakables for this realm.
Whirlpools: Like the quicksand pits in Yseros’ realm, except water-colored. These lead to a miniboss arena, which are usually led by Ravagers.

Element: Officially none. In gameplay terms, she’d be Death-element.
Bio: Cordemis isn’t a new God. In fact, she’s unbelievably old, coalesced from the prayers of people who were tired of suffering. As such, she delivered to these people, her blessings granting them relief and comfort…or, if all else failed and their lives were forfeit anyway, she granted them a quick, painless end. Over time, however, worship of her dwindled, with people associating her domain with Surathli, and both she and her realm were forgotten, becoming unaccessable…to be revealed anew a great many years later, when the defeat of the ruler of Siralim, unprepared for Godly power and driven mad by ascending to it, unleashed a torrent of magic that brought forth the Unaligned Realms.

Cordemis has a somewhat imposing figure. She’s a tall, female deity, much in the same vein as Surathli and Erebyss, but she stands out in her own way. Her skin is blue, but seen mostly on her upper body, as the white, flowing, slightly-torn, foot-obscuring dress she wears leaves her four arms bare, and exposes a fair bit of her impressive chest. Her face is covered with a slightly torn, white veil, and reveals nothing of her features but a glowing, yellow eye on the right side of her face. On occasion, little droplets of a shining liquid drip away from her veil, as if it’s worn to obscure her tears. The same liquid stains the very bottom part of her dress.

Her four hands are each busy. Two of them are clasped in front of her, as if pleading. Her remaining left hand is lowered at her side, and her remaining right hand holds a misericorde dagger, like this one with a gleaming, pristine blade.

As a person, Cordemis reflects her realm. She’s gentle and very soft-spoken, as well as caring for those who end up washing up on her shores, and very fond of those who call upon her name, but the sound of her voice is a morose one. She approves of acts of mercy, and allowing others to let go of their grief and move past it, and disapproves of pointless cruelty, which is why she dislikes Tartarith.

The Grievers and Vengers are her direct creations, the Ragmen are her most notable remaining followers, and the seas of her realm are full of Ravagers.

Name: Cordemis’ Innocence
Max. Level: 100
Where: Docks of Farewell Godshop.
Effect: Creatures now gain 1% more Knowledge for every action performed that increases Knowledge gain.
Super Effect: All bonuses that result from certain tiers of Knowledge gain are now doubled.


Floor: Stone floors made of heavy, yellowed stone blocks, interspersed with the occasional gear.
Walls: Bright, oasis-like pools, with mechanical plants growing from it on occasion.
Presiding Deity: Fulthrotl, the God of Innovation.

A brand-new realm, much like the god who presides over it, laid bare when the Ruler of Siralim met their match and was defeated in combat by another Nether Orb-powered ruler. The Dais of Invention is a place where inspiration just flows naturally, and where creating neat stuff feels easy as pie, courtesy of the whole realm being bathed in the influence of its presiding god Fulthrotl. And while there is great treasure to be had, occasionally wrought by one’s own hand, there are plenty of risks here even outside the mechanical monsters that are produced here!

Stone Slab: Like Erebyss’ gravestones. Pay your respects at these, the last remnants of inventors whose dream projects remain unfulfilled, to gain Favor with Fulthrotl.
Table: Like the magic tables of Zonte’s realm, bot with technological things strewn about. Messing with combinations here always yields Favor with Fulthrotl in addition to whatever other bonus is gained, with Red + Pink just giving a bigger boost in Favor.
Stacked Gears: Big, metal gears, stacked up in a pile. Gear piles like this are usually a good place to score artifact materials, but sometimes, they’re laid out as bait by packs of Harriers…but it’s fine, because dismantling them yields MORE artifact materials and a Fulthrotl Token.
Ruins: Just piles of rock and metal debris. Harvest them for a quick injection of Crystal.
Iron Crate: Like Vertraag’s ones. These are the regular breakables for this realm.
Cursed Face Tile: Kind of like big Olmec head tiles. These lead to a miniboss arena, which are usually led by a mechanical monster, but most often Hauldozers.

Element: Officially none. In gameplay terms, he’d be Sorcery-element.
Bio: Fulthrotl is a brand-spanking-new God, brought into being by the wishes of inventors, engineers and craftsmen who plead for something to break their creator’s block, kickstarted especially with the invention of Constructs, the first mechanical monster type. As a new god, he feels he has something to prove, and works tirelessly to ensure that his realm is lively and livid in equal measure, and that his followers only stop inventing when they themselves judge their works complete.

In terms of appearance, Fulthrotl is comprised of three parts. The first, the central piece, is a large, mechanical head clad in a stone mask, with kind of a Rangda Bangda-esque shape and slitted eyes. The inner machinery, chiefly Fulthrotl’s mouth, is left uncovered, and on top is a clear dome with a wired brain inside, which provides the god with an appropriately-godly amount of computing power. On the back is a large engine. The two secondary units are a pair of clear, winged orbs with a light glowing inside them. These orbs emit a field that allows Fulthrotl to manipulate things around him with greater dexterity, as if he had many hands with which to build stuff.

As a person, Fulthrotl is very excitable. He’s always eager to meet and greet new visitors to his realm, and is abuzz with positive, creative energy that he eagerly shares with all those willing to hear his words. He approves of pushing the boundaries of creation and using what one has created to benefit oneself and others, and dislikes stagnation and dullness. Considers Gonfurian, the God of War, his rival…Gonfurian, for his part, hardly minds, and intends to use Fulthrotl’s domain against him by showing off some innovative, never-before-seen strategies should the two ever meet in battle.

Fulthrotl, being associated with innovation, builds mechanical creatures. Harriers, Hauldozers, Breachers, Artifices, AIs…all that stuff hails from his realm originally.

Name: Fulthrotl’s Ingenuity
Max. Level: 100
Where: Dais of Innovation godshop.
Effect: Each realm you visit now has a 0.50% chance of having a special miniboss portal appear in the realm, led by a monster associated with the presiding deity.
Super Effect: Miniboss portal chests of any stripe now offer bonus loot.

And for the new ones, here’s the first:


Floor: Green cloth floors, like the felt surfaces of card tables.
Walls: Dark walls, like the rimmed walls of roulette tables.
Presiding Deity: Winstrate, the God and Goddess of Chance.

A brand-new realm, much like the god who presides over it, laid bare when the Ruler of Siralim met their match and was defeated in combat by another Nether Orb-powered ruler. The Hall of Opportunity is the cradle of random chance, where massive opportunity lies for either colossal success or epic failure, and a trial for the daring is but a dice roll away. Nothing is certain here, and while fortune does not neccesarily favor the bold, there’s the chance it might, though the local monsters may have something to say about that one!

Stone Card: Basically like grave markers, these torn, stone cards pay homage to the fallen fortunes of those who found themselves on the wrong end of RNG. Pay your respects to gain Favor with Winstrate.
Roulette Table: Like the magic tables of Zonte’s realm, but a roulette table instead. Playing these gives one three choices to get on: red, black or the house. Losing nets a battle against normal monsters and small Favor gain with Winstrate. Winning nets a battle against enemies that pay out more resources and more Favor gain, as well as a Token…Winstrate or Unaligned.
Card Table: A card table laden with cards. Sit down and take what’s there for some resources. Sometimes, however, you’ll find yourself in a battle against teams of annoyed Masquerin or Mysteria. Defeat them in battle to claim even more winnings.
Loose Coin: A coin someone dropped. Pick them up to either give yourself a realmwide buff, or give the enemies a realmwide debuff, in addition to a Winstrate token.
Wooden Crate: Like Tartarith’s ones. These are the regular breakables for this realm.
Fountain: Small fountains. These lead to a miniboss arena, which are usually led by a Mysterium with two random buffs.

Element: Officially none. In gameplay terms, they’d be Chaos-element.
Bio: Winstrate is a new god, who owe their existance to people’s faith in the vagaries of random chance…essentially, they’re the visual personification of RNG, so suffused with it that even their gender isn’t constant. They’re nourished by the internal cheers of the winner and the lamentations of the loser, and are, for their age, quite powerful…though how much of this power they can marshall, again, varies from day to day.

In terms of appearance, Winstrate is simple to explain. They wear a red-and-black jester’s cap, with four floppy ‘prongs’, each tipped with a white ball, like the kind you’d find on a roulette table. Their face is covered by a half-and-half mask, one half white and the other black, whose expression evokes the masks of comedy and tragedy, with one half smiling joyously, and the other frowning in despair. Their body is obscured by a big, red cloak which VAGUELY fits their form, revealing only a single arm which holds a hand of cards…wether it’s a good or bad hand isn’t known, as the faces don’t face the viewer. On their shoulders are a pair of golden pauldrons, and more gold covers their general collarbone area. Attached to said gold are a set of eight chains…like necklaces. Four of which bear charms corresponding to card suites…spades, hearts, diamonds and clubs…and the other four bear charms corresponding to the minor arcana…blades, grails, coins and staves.

As a person, Winstrate is someone of good cheer. They’re affable, if somewhat disingenuous-sounding, with a propensity for baiting the foolish into waging what they can’t afford to lose, knowing what the person they look upon values truly. Nonetheless, they’re positive, praising those who come out victorious, and encouraging those who are defeated to not lose heart.

Winstrate’s realm is home to some of the odder monsters amid the new lot…Masquerin and Mysteria congregate in their hall, and the Carven are their personal creation, modeled after a memory of the Angels of old. If Fluffy’s thread becomes a thing(and I hope it does!), the Fools might also find a home here.

Name: Winstrate’s Lucky Dice
Max. Level: 100
Where: Hall of Opportunity godshop.
Effect: The minigame dwarves’ games now have a 0.50% chance to pay out double resources when you win.
Super Effect: The minigame dwarves’ have an equal chance to give you a second chance to win if you lose.

Here’s the second:


Floor: Mud tracks, as if made by a plow.
Walls: Tall masses of wheat.
Presiding Deity: Bountea, the Goddess of Harvests.

A brand-new realm, much like the god who presides over it, laid bare when the Ruler of Siralim met their match and was defeated in combat by another Nether Orb-powered ruler. This realm is, essentially, a stretch of extensive, fertile farmland, where a variety of produce both natural and unnatural grows in abundance. While this obviously means that there’s a contingent of Pilwiz here trying to grow the most amazing corn Pilwiz-kind has ever seen, there are other such farmers trying their hand, in addition to the hostile local monsters, who intend to reap a bounty of slain farmers…

Pilwiz: Random Pilwiz NPCs. They’re local farmers out to grow the greatest corn in any world, but are harassed by the local monsters, who are ferocious and out to eat that corn. Send the vandals packing for some Favor gain with Bountea. Sometimes, the grateful Pilwiz’ll let you try the experimental corn they’re growing…not quite the greatest corn, but certainly very good…giving you a realmwide buff.
Juicer Barrel: A barrel with fruit juice. Juice the fruits inside to gain a pop of random resources, or to provoke a fight with a pack of monsters led by a Culinarian, victory awards a Bountea Token.
Wheat Bale: Bales of harvested wheat. Inspect them for hidden items inside.
Bush: Like Meraxis’ bushes. These are the regular breakables for this realm.
Fruit Tree: Here’s the big one. These big trees bear diffrent fruits, which have diffrent effects: they can provide a realmwide buff, they can provide effects like power-up orbs, they can spawn some more enemies, they can provide some Favor gain with Bountea…or they could be a pack of Applings out to fight you, in which case defeating them nets a Token…Bountea or Unaligned.

Element: Officially none. In gameplay terms, she’d be Nature-element.
Bio: Bountea’s a newly-discovered god, though she’s been around for a while, taken shape from the wishes of anyone who’s ever planted anything that the fruit of their labor may grow large and strong. Pilwiz especially empower her, what with their fondness for corn and growing corn, and she likes them accordingly, though not exclusively.

In terms of appearance, Bountea is not hard to explain. She’s a tan, full-figured female figure with an almost bronze look to her skin and a slight sheen. She has long, black hair, and a straw hat with a wide brim that covers her hazel eyes when she slightly tilts her head downward. No lipstick on her lips, she doesn’t have time to pretty up. The aforementioned full, shapely figure is covered by a white, sleeveless shirt and a pair of earth-colored dungarees, along which vines grow…though these clothes really draw attention to the size of her bustline. Ain’t just the fields of her realm that burst with fertility! She’s holding a big, woven basket full of local fruits in odd shapes and colors, and her feet are bare.

As a person, Bountea’s easily one of the friendlist gods one can meet. She speaks with a fairly heavy ‘country’ accent, but she’s welcoming, inviting and encouraging to all who come to her realm. She’s very eager to meet others, and loves to hear stories of people’s adventures…though she’ll readily caution others when exploring her realm, as the monsters are just as energized by the produce she grows as those who receive her boons.

Bountea’s realm has a few monsters to its name, besides the abovementioned heavy Pilwiz presence. The Yggdrals and the Shu Chong are natives, the Applings are Bountea’s personal creations, and the Culinarians learn the tricks of their trade here.

Name: Bountea’s Special Spice
Max. Level: 100
Where: Fields of Plenty godshop.
Effect: Resource nodes pay out 1% more of that resource when collected.
Super Effect: Resource nodes have a 50% chance to also yield a second, random resource in equal measure.

And the last:


Floor: Faded, green grass
Walls: Jagged, dark grey rock outcroppings rocks.
Effect: Occasional sweeping wind.
Presiding Deity: Rhajtar, the God of Predation.

A realm laid bare when the Ruler of Siralim met their match and was defeated in combat by another Nether Orb-powered ruler. A windswept plain, true wilderness without any fragment of society, where strong monsters emerge to join the fight for survival and prey on other monsters. These monsters naturally pose quite the formidable challenge, but there are certainly prizes to be had…

Feral Knight: Knight NPCs. These were once bold explorers come to tame the Wilderness, but they paid for their hubristic arrogance and have regressed to little more then bloodthirsty beasts themselves. Put them out of their misery for some Favor gain with Rhajtar and a treasure chest.
Obelisk: Like the ones from Surathli’s realm, a dark grey hue and stained in blood. These obelisks deface the Wilderness, and tearing them down yields favor with Rhajtar. Occasionally, however, you may be interrupted by Drakes. Kick their scaly butts for more Favor gain and an Unaligned token.
Angry Totem: Like Torun’s. These are teleporters, but there’s the risk of being attacked in transit by a party of Star Lions. This can happen once per teleporter. Crush them all for a pop in a random resource and a Token…Rhajtar or Unaligned.
Blood Stain: Like Gonfurian’s. These stains share a memory of a group of monsters that failed to survive. Make these unfortunates suffer defeat again for some Favor gain and a Rhajtar Token.
Big Mushroom: Like Torun. These are the regular breakables for this realm.
Dark Bush: Like Meraxis’ bushes, but darker. These lead to a miniboss arena, which are usually led by a Calamitas with an extra trait.

Element: Officially none. In gameplay terms, he’d be Life-element.
Bio: Rhajtar is not a new god. In fact, he’s quite old, coalesced from the desires of all living beings to survive and thrive, by hook or by crook, but he;s never forged a realm for himself until recently, having been too busy prowling around the realms and hunting the mighty, both to devour their flesh and to challenge himself as, essentially, an apex predator. Only recently has he found a realm to settle down in, where he is free to relax before and after a hunt, and possibly prey on the lesser creatures that came to populate it.

In terms of appearance, Rhajtar is every bit the beast he seems like. From the waist down, his body is that of a mighty white lion, complete with glorious, golden mane, with the head replaced by the waist that connects his upper body. Said upper body is humanoid in nature, but bears the markings of an impala, and his head looks like an impala’s as well, with the addition of a thick, golden ponytail, and he bears extra horns: in addition to impala antlers, he also has backward-curled ram horns, forward-curved bull horns and a proud rhino horn on his forehead. He also has proud tusks. He wears a simple, patched-and-stitched leather cuirass consisting of a heart-protector with a metal plate sewn on, a backplate and a pair of shoulder guards.

As a person, Rhajtar’s most obvious trait is his love of the hunt. He becomes excited when staking out a prey, pitched battle for survival makes his blood sing, and the taste of the meat of freshly-killed prey is his favourite flavor. However, he’s no mindless brute: Rhajtar is deeply philosophical, accepting of diffrent methods of hunting and diffrent kinds of prey to be hunted and firmly aware that he, too, is prey in the eyes of the right hunter…and looking forward to the day said hunter comes for him. Similarly, he very much approves of tenacity and grit, but frowns on arrogance and hubris, scorns mindless following of orders…which causes him to chafe with Gonfurian…and loathes those who rob others of their freedom…which causes him to chafe with Tartarith. He also has a soft spot for Dumplings of all kinds.

Rhajtar is responsible for some of the wilder new monsters. He gave the Drakes a home after they were driven out of their homeland by the Wyverns, he created the Roges and Calamitii, his realm is home to the similarly-leonine Star Lions, and the Crabsters, despite their migrating habits and fondness for the Faraway Enclave, got their start in his world. He’s also responsible for the Crabsters’ deliciousness, to encourage the humans to hunt them. The Honey Dragons are also his creation, even though they mostly flocked to other realms.

Name: Rhajtar’s Brutal Cunning
Max. Level: 100
Where: Cruel Wilderness godshop.
Effect: When extracting an enemy’s Core, they have a 0.50% chance to lose two buffs, gain two debuffs or some combination of the two, depending on how many buffs said enemy has.
Super Effect: When extracting an enemy’s Core, they have an equal chance to instantly die. If killed this way, they offer more Knowledge gain. If Knowledge of that enemy is S-rank, they instead provide extra Resources.