The Undying Reborn I Achievement Broken


I’ve progressed up to Nether realm 100 so far earning all achievements normally, except that I just realized I never got credit for the realm 5 boss. I didn’t get it in-game either. I tried going back to Nether realm 5, but of course since I beat the boss already it just put me in a normal realm. Is there any way a future patch could check whatever inside the game knows that I beat the realm 5 boss (since it sends me to a normal realm, instead of that boss) or check that if I have the undying reborn II achievement unlocked it could retroactively pop the first tier of it? I won’t settle for any less than 518/518 in this game eventually, haha! Thanks for the help! :slight_smile:

The 155th boss should give you the same achievement.

Oh, very interesting. I will test this out just as soon as I can make it that far then :slight_smile: