"The Unguided" Boss Battle (possible spoilers)

So I remember the boss fight with ‘The unguided’ being a bit weird…

The Unguided’s ability makes it to where every creature has scorn (can’t use attacks),
and every creature can cast spells for no cost.

While this is cool in concept, there was sort of a problem with the enemy creatures;
They kept defending, which leads me to believe that most of them didn’t have spell gems.
The only spells they did cast was Ward from a familiar every so often.

As far as I know, I didn’t have anything that would negate their spell gems,
so it may be necessary to change the code to where they all have at least one
spell gem.

I think this might be a general problem throughout the game. I often encounter groups of creatures, including predominantly “caster” types (e.g. familiars, ravens) who don’t seem to have any spell gems and can only defend if they have the scorn debuff.