Thinking about Damage Equations

My Bad … This should be in Gameplay / Balance not General Discussion.

… Moving it now

Personally, I loved the old damage formula (the one with the harder cap).

[ul][li]Using a normal team against high-level enemies would mean there is no cap, because you would never reach the kind of damage needed for that.[/li]

[li]Using a ridiculous team would mean the damage cap does not matter because you would still oneshot anything (you can reach absurd damage multipliers in these games).[/li]

[li]But most importantly, it allowed us to play in a balanced way, without turning into rocket tag like S2, as well as making a lot of subpar creatures much more useful.[/li][/ul]

Yes, multihits and DoTs and other things needed to be tweaked a bit (like AoE vs Single-Target having different caps), but the base was great imo. I wouldn’t want this to be another S2.