This may have already been reported, but....

Recent updated that fixed the broken android button positioning… Didn’t fix it in menus. Hotspot position is correct on map, but still lower than it should be when in menus.

Edit: Scratch the above. After blowing the dpad up as big as possible, and testing the hotspots, they’re just plain off still. I guess I was just noticing it more in the menus.

I’m new to tablets just bought my android tablet today… my buttons are messed up too… they aren’t aligned properly with the d-pad and A and B buttons… any way to fix this? it makes the game very hard to play.

Increasing your controls size may help make it less noticeable, if the hotspots are close enough to where they should be.

@Zack: Could we get some sort of compatibility mode toggle for this? It’s not so bad on my device, but my girlfriend’s Galaxy Tab A, it’s really bad. So bad I had to revert the update for her because she couldn’t stand it. Thing is, the controls were dead on before, and we’d both be happy with being able to toggle on the old alignment code.

I still find it frustrating to play, I can’t really resize them to get it to work just right.

Guys, just so you know, I’ve already reported this here: