Thoughts about Siralim Ultimate

I played through the story and made a few thoughts that I would now like to share:

Spellcasters are almost unplayable because they are the only ones who rely on very limited resources. Fighters start every fight completely restored, while the caster depends on charges that only recharge when leaving the realm. In my opinion, it would be much better if Spell Gems had fewer charges, but they were replenished after a fight. You fight about 25 times per realm, which is simply not feasible with an average amount of 8 to 10 charges per spell gem.

Furthermore, I would adjust the strength of the bosses a bit, the later bosses were hardly more dangerous for me than regular encounters with creatures, because I already had stronger combos and better equipment.

Otherwise I am really very satisfied. The new fusion system and the crafting of weapons and spell gems make the game so much more pleasant to play and give you the opportunity to plan your troops much more precisely. You could perhaps include in the bestiary which races are to be found where, but you can just write that down or run the realms. There is always something to find :slight_smile:

Thank you for this really cool game.

Something I always enjoyed about Siralim is it’s kind of like a puzzle game when you run into a problem. For charges, some answers are to use the Generous spell enhancement (giving your whole team a free charge of whatever spell you enhanced that refills after a fight) or using traits to give you infinite charges or even using a relic (Zonte’s specifically, but is also a post game type of power)

The early game is very hard for a lot of classes and most of those are definitely spellcasters, I’m not too sure how I’d remedy this besides throwing in an obvious creature to help keep up the spells such as a djinn arcanomancer, still doable with the generous and % more charges enchantment on spells, its just a matter of making it maybe more apparent. There are also some spells that grant Arcane and I find Arcane being extremely underutilized for most early game spellcasters. That being said, most of these charge issues are definitely only apparent in the early game if you don’t really know what tools are available to you.

Also a note on finding specific races, they can be seen when pressing right or left when hovering over a realm on the teleporter if you need to hunt anything in particular.

What you are suggesting was how Siralim 3 worked and it wasn’t really that viable either, it was just called MP.
Orbit_49 has pretty much all the suggestions and more that I would give to fix your problem with current setup.
Going pure caster is a lot harder then just beating your enemies to a pulp. At the very start anyway. One of the things I like about this game is most problems can be solved with a proper trait or combo of traits.

Now that I have come a long way and have dealt more intensively with spellcasting, I have to say that spells definitely have some advantages that justify the additional effort. Above all, the possibility that a single creature can destroy the entire opposing team with a spell like Steel Storm, instead of requiring six attacks. In addition, spellcasters have significantly fewer problems with buffs and debuffs, since a lot of them relate to close combat.

What could perhaps be changed would be accessibility. In the beginning it is very difficult to play as a spellcaster. With creatures like Ashmouth Cerberus and Mirage Occultist on lower realm depths one could counteract this. In my opinion, Mirage Occultist would be a good / better choice for Evoker as a starting creature.

While I don’t like the new charge system. Their are ways to work around it and make a spell casting team not only effective but even op. My strategy so far has been to start out with the evoker class which has a bunch of perks that enhance spells. Next I equip my creatures with the grimoire creature trait that enables you to start with Arcane. Finally I enhance my spells. I do this by setting up my creature to cast multiple times (the thunder salamander trait does this) as well as enhancing their spell potency. Their are a large number of traits that enhance intelligence. One of the best is the trait on Viper occultist that adds speed to intelligence. But a much more effective method is just to change the stat that spells cast from and then jack up that stat. For example I give one my of my creatures Jailbreak and then change all spells to cast from defense. The final thing you need to do is prevent your creatures from having their spells sealed which can be done with one of the Paragon creatures traits. This build is pretty op and you will be one shoting most creature teams with it.

tldr; in order to make spell casters effective you need enhance spell potency so that you can one shot most enemies you encounter.