Thrasher Fiend soloing the game

Ok so newb here.

I just hit endgame but crazy thing is after having tons of fun making builds for this game (I love the gameplay it’s basically MTG in Pet JRPG form) I wanted a quick way to farm and breeze through content.

I just ended up finally getting Lonewolf on Druid, got a mat for Necessarius trait thing (the one that gives 100% stat) then put both on a Trasher Fiend which you find pretty early on.

And proceeded to solo the entire game without problems.

Dunno what’s wrong but basically the trasher fiend is just clearing floors without even breaking a sweat. It’s hitting stuff for 1k and this was when it was around floor 30 and fighting enemies twice its level. I then proceeded to clear the rest of the pre-game without even breaking sweat and finally now I’m at endgame and am doing 5k damage or more on enemies that are way above my level.

I found it funny it was so fast and efficient, and unlike other comps I had which took time clearing monsters this was just fast, effortless and no risk of killing stuff I wanted to extract. Fights were over in seconds which made it really, really easy to blitz through everything while farming.

I’m now in postgame hit a snag in some itherian realms but the regular realms are still a cakewalk. I’m moving up the devotion ladder and soon will be able to poewr up even more. I mean it’s fun making builds but it’s funny you can just solo it all with such a simple easy build like this. I guess I just lucked out on the legendary mat. Without necessarius it wouldn’t have been this easy I guess.

Currently now climbing up to floor 100 hopefully, I’m at floor 57 and nothing looks like it can even slow the fiend down. Even those manabomb djinns don’t even faze it.