Thylacine creature theorycrafting

So, the Terror Hound’s ability description interested me, and I brewed up a theoretical party around it. Using the Nature mage’s “Lone Wolf” perk, it aims to create an unstoppable juggernaut monster that can kill any enemy.

The ability description is:
Eye of the Thylacine
At the start of battle, your Hounds merge into a Thylacine that wields this creature’s artifact. The Thylacine has all the base traits from the merged Hounds, 35% of each of their stats, access to all their Spell Gems, and is immune to debuffs that prevent it from acting.

“Base traits” means that by equipping the other five creatures with hound traits on their gear, you should be able to transpose any six traits of your choosing onto one creature (five from the creatures, one from the equipment), in addition to a ton of stats, spell gems of different classes, and the buff from Lone Wolf.

My thoughts on the five creatures are as follows:
Carver Sadist: as soon as you get the chance to defend, you’ll get seven free attacks for triggering on-hit effects.
Inaer Rift Dancer: increase the number of attacks from Wild Stabs to fourteen.
Pit Wraith Dominator: attacks will quickly reduce enemy defense to prevent 0-damage hits.
Dawn Crusader: by defending after attacking, this (should) put you into an infinite loop of attacking with Wild Stabs that ends when everything is dead. Even if it doesn’t, this could be replaced with something else since 14 stabs with on-hits is still a bunch.
Lightning Cerberus: to increase the number of on-hit spell casts from your trove of spellgems by a ton, adding an infinite amount of stat-growth and damage.

What do you guys think? Will it work? I remember in the first game that giving a creature equipment with another species’ trait triggered species-related effects, like with imlings and imlers. Does it still work like that? Also, what traits would you give your unstoppable thylacine killing machine?

I believe the combining creatures need to actually be hounds since the trait says your Hounds and not your creatures.

I also haven’t tested it but the way Wild Stabs reads it sounds like that can hit your own creatures as well. It doesn’t specify enemies, it says creatures. Maybe you could fix that with the War Priest trait or some other priest trait but doubling attack seems nice.

It’s a nice idea though. I bet Thylacine would get used more if it wasn’t so restrictive.

Well, I’m still not sure how it works in this, but in the first game whenever there was a distinction like that which specified race, you could use traits on equipment to trigger it. For example you could have an Imler in your party and no Imlings, but give a Berserker Fiend an equipment piece with an Imling trait and they would work together.

Also, Wild Stabs does attack your other creatures, but it specifies “other creatures”, so I’m pretty sure it won’t attack itself. Since all of your creatures will be combined into one, there would be no risk of friendly fire as there would only be enemies to attack.

I’m going to test it, but it’ll take quite awhile to put the party together.

Eye of the Thylacine will only combine your hounds, period. You can put it on an artifact for another creature, though. I don’t remember if said creature will keep it’s own native trait, however.

Also, Royal Authority(Dawn Crusader) no longer works like it says on the wiki. It merely makes the creature defend at end of turn, and grants permanent ward/protect.

Alright, then. Thanks for the clarification.

Are other species-related traits similarly restricted? Can I still make my other creatures act like Imlers and Imlings?

In a sense, yes, you can. In pretty much the same way as the first one. An imling/imler will work on your actual imlers/imlings, but not vice versa. You an use a hound trait on an artifact, but it won’t do anything if you don’t have hounds(0 times X%), and etc.

I had a build like this for a very long time, it’s amazing!

Thylacine with wild stabs is amazing. (Attacks 7 random creatures excluding itself).

Combine this with blessing from below and the +40% defense per hit steroid and you are pretty much an unkillable machine!
Just pair this with +stat gains on each of your hounds which will allow for each stat gain to ALSO cause a stat decrease with the enemies.

Keep in mind you also have a passive to decrease attack and intelligence per hit!

I’m sitting here trying to figure out my team setup for the upcoming Trial patch and am thinking about the full range of hounds deal.

So what happens exactly to gene strength and such if I go the Thylacine rout with the terror hound as Nether?

Also, how does the blessing from below work exactly? If say a perk or trait inherently increases stats, those innate buffs do damage before the fight really starts?

How would the trait that gives This creature’s attacks have a 50% chance to move a random ally to the top of the Action Queue. How utterly broken would that be? :slight_smile:

Oh and last thing, what exactly do you mean by +stat gains Hyper?

Ah, I was actually flipping through thinking about stuff for terror hound build, and was curious, how does Kindness interact with Thylacine? If I put it on the terror hound artifact, does it work, and then the increased stats of the collective hounds is then added back in? If so, that adds an extra 75% of the terror hounds stats back into the thylacine, which seems pretty gross.

Also, I wanted to double check this, as apparently lone wolf works with thylacine, but I tried doing an auto-cast summon death 5 times build and it didn’t work. This was a few patches back now, but apparently this might just be a bug? I’m curious if it’s that or just a matter of timing.

I have to get some sleep now, but curious to know anyone else’s thoughts.