Titan's Wound bug

In the Titan’s wound, whenever I use the object that’s shaped like a blood-drenched humanoid, the game freezes.

Working on a patch for this now, thanks!

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Haha, I was literally just checking if anyone else was having this problem, I used it fine earlier, but since my last game start it’s freezing now. (I guess some weird side effect of last update?)

I don’t know how specific you want us to be with bug reports but I figure too much information is better than not enough.

Type: Game freezes and hangs forcing hard close
Where: Floor 10 (Titan’s Wound), clicking on Hemomancer interactive
Repeatability: Last 3 times

This is repeating a previous floor. Was working earlier just fine.

To add onto JJPearson it only happens when I was doing it from a previous floor. I had no issues when doing it as my highest level floor"

Not sure if because of update since then, or because its a previous floor but wanted to mention both aspects in case either was the cause

The patch is up now! Restart Steam to get it.

Sweet, thanks. :smiley:

P.S. To make this post a little more useful, it is working for me.

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I got this crash on my first visit to floor 10 (in 0.1.3), when interacting with the hemomancer effigy before visiting Mortem. I figured it was because I hadn’t talked to the realm’s god yet.