To ease testing things/give us actual battle stats

  1. we have creature sheet, apparently it doesnt even apply characters perks/artifacts
    Can we have battle stats tab added as well, that will show your creature actual stats at the start of the battle* with char perks/artifact perks applied. Would help to see a difference, also would help to track bugs.
    Actually id like to see, if added, those battle stats in form of
    Attack = 2500 (base) + 2500 (character) + 1250 (artifact) + whatever (perkname) = total.
    Since currently equipping/unequipping artifact dont show you any change in stats, so i assume those are applied in combat only.

  2. we have artifact bonuses that have shady mechanics behind em: resource gain.
    can we have a clarification of how they are supposed to work?
    we can have resource gain multiplier from character perks for example.
    Does it multiply resource gain from arts or they are added separately in the end of calculation?

The reason of the thread: out of battle, some creature has, for example, 3500 speed, in battle, it has 5700 speed. Thats overally cool, but we cant see what effects are applied and if every effect is actually working.
In the forementioned example, we have: artifact +30 speed, artifact that should boost that artifact to +45% speed, trait that makes all cratures share 5% speed, nether aura that should boost OTHER creatures speed by 26% and thus affect horde trait.
What we actually see is 3500 and 5700, so at least 45% bonus and horde bonus seem to apply, though we still dont know if nether aura boosts own stats or it just boosts horde perk that gives returning boost.
But in fact like hell its clear, since we have characters +100% speed bonus, so we have to assume its working and is applied to base stats, not to battle stats, and a subject of multiplication, and dont fall on 500% bonus. have to test it with summoning - hope summoned stats are shown raw.

When penalities apply on fighting low level monsters: creature level only?
When penalities apply on fighting too high level monsters?

But basically if you have +20 granite gain on 6 artifacts and killing monsters slightly exceeding your creatures level, with +100% granite bonus, should you gain:
(base reward + 206)2
OR base
2 + 20
thats not clear too.
Id like to test it but knowledge mechanics makes it even harder, since you can get random group with different knowledge ranks, or just summon a group from a charm and add another variable here.

Pretty much everything for the moment.