To much crystal

I think it is to easy to get crystal playing Think fast. I think the amount of crystal from Think fast should be lowered.

no one expects the Spanish Inquisition.
Really i dont know how its now, but it was totally worst/most unrewarding game before. Try essence game, now thats easy and time-efficient. Unless the point of whole post is to show your favorite fishing method by trolling.

Earlier you were getting 25% of the bet for a hit. So with 4 hits you win 0. with 9 hits you get a lil more then dbl your bet, 225%. It was so inferiour compared to any game. Brimstone - 1 fast precise hits was giving like 12,5x bet. i think. one not so good around 5x bet. And its 1 hit. its still way faster then think fast even now :stuck_out_tongue:

Don´t mock me, I only wanna try to help make the game more balanced. And a Game where you can´t loose isn´t balanced.

i dont! i thought you must be joking. no offense.

people have different reaction/different keyboards even. when win was over 4 hits. i was getting think fast achievment, from accolades: think was wins/losses - 101/78 and reward for winning was laughable. thats in comparision to other games. They are meant to be fun and a bit profitable (you wont get rich with such bets anyway). Or to help you quickly get some 10k resources you really need. Break between realms. I really doubt someone will go and just play one game till he gets 100-200-500k. Smaller amounts are amazingly helpful at the beginning of a game, but are irrelevant as you ll get further.

I used it to get on 1000Brim/Crystal if one of them too low to summon.

essence arm wrestlings the easiest one I feel, with some practice I can get >50% of hits beyond 97%, even got 1500 4 times in a row once

In Siralim 2 I like to play with the Riddle Dwarfs on my way to work or when I have to wait somewhere. One time at the hospital I had to wait a long time, so I had 350K Brimstone more before I get to the doctor.

I am guessing it comes down to reaction time. I would usually get 8-11 hits, almost no way to hit less than 4 times, so yeah, for me that is a “can’t lose” kind of game that I use to get some Crystal in a pinch. But I don’t think it would be a more worthwhile use of your time playing Think Fast than trying to pick up Crystal some other way, so I don’t think the payout needs to be lowered.