Toggle Reliquary, Guilds, And Card Stat Bonus

It would be nice to be able to toggle the stat bonuses and bonus effects from all the systems. As you get farther in they start making a really big difference in the ability to judge how good a build is. I have lvl 1000 synergy right now and my stats are basically incomparable to other people. Alongside that it’s hard to judge what builds are working and what builds I’m just leaning on the extra bonuses as a crutch. It would also let you progress systems while allowing more customization of how hard things are beyond just difficulty level. You can toggle card set effects right now which is nice for that, but it would be good to also be able to toggle the bonuses in the Reliquary Upgrades section of the Reliquary, guild bonus effects, the passive stat boost from # of cards you have for each class, along with any other passive power gain systems I might be forgetting.