Tombstone Key Press Event Crash

Playing version 1.0.13 on iOS, the game occasionally crashes when attempting to check a tombstone in the Winter or Death realms. Many of the tombstones present function as intended, but others create a fatal error. Attached is a screenshot of the event, but I have typed up the transcript below.

Error Code:

FATAL ERROR in action number 1 of Key Press Event for E-key Key for object obj_tombstone:

Push :: Execution Error - Variable
Get, -1)

A fix has already been sent to Apple, and it is currently in review. Assuming their reviewers are working today (it’s a holiday in the US and Canada today, so I’m not sure), Apple should release it today which will fix this crash.

Aaaand the update hit the app store today! I have been through a Winter realm and touched every tombstone with no fear of any strange and mysterious game-crash curses. Thank you very much!

Excellent! Thanks for letting me know. Enjoy!