Tomes of health bug//tome of attack bug

in city gave my lv 2k+++ nether 3 tomes of health. Prior to using em it had 42600 hp. Now it has 42603 hp. Hopefully when bug gets fixxed health will ramp up by itself :stuck_out_tongue:
actually using tome of attack went from 20709 to 20711 which does seem bugged as well
defense: 17751 + 2 tomes = 21300, seem like the only of those 3 that works properly sadly had no int tomes to check, used speed tome prior to it, seemed fine. mana iirc was working fine.
EDIT: going into realm/taking levels didnt change anything

Yeah, seems like Tomes aren’t working correctly now due to a rounding issue. I’ll have it fixed in the next patch!