Too strong: Mana Bomb

This trait is way to strong. Meeting an Djinn with this trait is a guaranteed lost battle. Especially in Tavern Brawls where every team with two of this Djinns wins guaranteed.

I don’t want to run anround with an Banshee just to prevent an insta kill, so it would be nice to rethink the trait.

Djinns in general suffer from extremely low defense and have only average speed, so if you’re able to get something quick to land a solid hit on them, they’ll probably die before ever getting to set their bomb off.

Spells that can counter them include Mana Drain and Mana Leak, siphoning away the power they use for their damage.

Trait counters include Endurance Aura (cuts the bomb’s damage by 80%), Forgiveness and Other Blunders (makes their provoke command useless), and Sloth (cuts their mana pool in half).

Yeah, GMA summed it up well. I use a Djinn Evoker on my main team and I can tell you he dies often (though his artifact has Woe so for me at least it’s like Mana Bomb went off anyway), so your priority after encountering one should be to throw a Chaos creatures’ attack at it and wipe the floor with it.

Well. First of all: Mana Bomb was never seriously meant to be used by DE themselves. There are MUCH better bodies to use it on.
Though yes, I mostly agree about being overpowered. Especially when used with some remote provoke-triggers.