Top 10 Winners and Losers for S3 Early Access thus far


-Music: Head and shoulders above previous games
-Artifact system: so much better in every way, and more content coming on this too
-Story Mode: vastly superior than either previous game in terms of content and writing
-Death Mage: clearly a fan favorite, Saia mechanics are unique and interesting, summons are a thing too
-Nature Mage: Take the most powerful mage from S2 and give him even more power? ok…
-Spell Gems: Much more interesting properties, class swap add a lot of depth
-itherian realms: Cool and interesting, sigils provide real challenges
-Nether Creature System - more streamlined and flexible
-Altar of Blood: Punishments gone! Use this with Gore Knife to get whatever mat you need. great concept.
-Tavern Brawls: Not even in the game yet but the concept is still a winner and something many look forward to


-Sounds: Same sounds from early games. Tinny, chimey bells for every spell and effect. Monster sound effects are weird and dont sound like how you would imagine. All treble no bass…
-Breeding System: Most folks are put off by the level caps, the micro management required to keep your creatures advancing and just dont like killing their favorite creatures in general
-Resource use balance: The early game may as well be renamed “Endless Quest for Crystal”, though some recent patches have improved this a bit
-Autocasting: Want to make a team that crashes the game with infinite autocasts like we did in S2? Yeah, that’s still here. Can make a full auto cast team by realm 15 easily.
-Heart of Darkness: At least you can turn it off now… This was ill conceived at best.
-Weighted / gated item drops: Why the hell do I need 6 agility aura artifacts? Well here 8 more for you anyways just in case, and a ton of Cannon Shot and Live to Labor for ya as well.
-Recipes: All the breeding recipes you will find are for creatures you ALREADY HAVE! Yeah cuz thats what I want to do, discover things I have already discovered…
-Life Mage: Life who? Oh yeah hes a class we can choose form too. If we want no power early on, and no creatures to support the perks because the items are gated that is…
-Singular Creatures: We dont care about pallete swaps very much, you would be better off with alternate music for battles / realms in place of critter skins. I would personally pay real money for alternate music options or the ability to choose what song played where (Regalis theme everywhere)
-Arena: Still in early access but its currently as stale as it was in S2. It has potential to be something cool and interesting but currently it’s a dud

What do you guys think of my list? What did I miss or get wrong?

Wait until you get a bunch of artifacts you want to shred…
I got a bill for 300k Granite!

Breeding has kind of mellowed out on resources now that the cost for hatching has been removed. That’s been a big boost, and I’m nowhere near as starved as previous.

Ugh, don’t get me started… well now that I am, I’ll make a separate thread on improvements for this guy. Life Mages matter too!