Top of Queue effect = 2nd in queue at start of battle

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    Steps to reproduce:
    A) Create a group that can trigger a “Top of Action queue” effect from a “start of battle” effect. Possible combos - Succubus Spirit & Fearsome Gargantuan & (leech, vampire bat, mutated vampire bat).
    B) Start combat (enter realm & find creature or use sigil).
    C) Succeed in the chance to trigger a “Top of Action queue” effect from a “start of battle” effect.

Expected result: The unit effected by the “top of action queue” will move to the top and take the next turn.
Observed result: The unit effected by the “top of action queue” affect moves to 2nd in the queue, allowing a unit who’s turn has not started to go first.

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    Steam keeps my version up to date, don’t have it handy at the moment.

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    Top of action queue normally moves to second, allowing the acting unit to finish it’s in progress turn while still at the top. I don’t think it is designed to account for the circumstance that the unit at the top of the queue has not yet started it’s turn and therefore should not go next.

This also happens on “End of Turn” effects. Example: Lets say it’s your mutated vampire bat’s turn, and an enemy brim smith is next. You also have a Vicious Pit worm and a succubus spirit alive in your party. Your bat attacks but triggers no heals. At the end of the turn, your pit worm’s trait triggers an attack. at this point, your bat has moved to bottom of queue and the enemy brim smith is at top of queue. Your pit worm’s attack triggers heals on every ally, lets say carnal genesis triggers on your succubus spirit, pushing it to top of queue. It is placed 2nd in queue. After your pit worm’s attack completely resolves, the enemy Brim Smith takes a turn, your “top of action queue” succubus spirit goes after if it survives. I think these 2 cases are related.