Topaz Paragon

I have seen a ton of people raging on Topaz Paragon’s but NOBODY has said why! They say its just bad. Explain please.

If I make it that far I would like to make an educated decision on whether or not to summon them instead of relying on “Don’t summon a Topaz Paragon!” Telling people how to play their game instead of giving advice or reasoning is pointless so please explain.

If I recall correctly, the Topaz Paragon’s ability lets everything in its row go first regardless of their speed. If you summon the Topaz Paragon, they will start also appearing as enemies and turn initiative back into a speed-check for all affected monsters, essentially negating the entire point of summoning the thing in the first place.

If you can find the Huge Topaz legendary material, however, you can make an artifact with the Topaz’s ability without ever laying eyes on the bastard.

Speed is a fine stat, but the problem with it in a game such as Sirilim is that it continues to scale as you move up in floors. No matter what you do, eventually enemies will outscale you in terms of speed - regular, nether, or demon, it doesn’t matter. Eventually, enemies WILL have more stats. Other games like Might and Magic solved the issue by assigning creatures speed that doesn’t grow with level. Slow creatures remain slow, while fast creatures remain fast in a comparable setting. Others use equipment/weight systems, or subsequent turns influenced by speed such that a quick creature can utilize more actions per time than a slow one. Sirilim just uses a classic, flat “you go, they go” model.

Moving first is such a massive advantage that it outright decides battles. From a player perspective, moving last can put the player in a situation where battle gets initiated and your team dies without the player ever being able to react. Facing Topaz Paragon puts the player in this exact scenario.

Topaz Paragon (the ability) also opens up the possibility for players to ignore speed entirely. You “sacrifice” two creatures’ artifact slot so your entire team moves first. Thus, speed no longer matters as the enemy will get its turn, then the player will have another.

In all, I think Speed is implemented poorly, and Topaz Paragon truly highlights it. Players go from one extreme (maximizing speed) in order to go first and climb floors to the other - outright ignoring it once Topaz Paragon on artifacts are located.