Tormented Banshee+Imp Inscriber+Fearsome Gargantuan

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Tormented Banshee: While your creatures are below 45% Mana, they deal 150% more damage. This trait does not stack.
Imp Inscriber: Your creatures start battle with 0 Mana, but regenerate 30% Mana at the end of their turn. This trait does not stack.
Fearsome Gargantuan: At the start of battle, this creature attacks 3 random enemies. Each attack deals 50% normal damage.

It seems that the tormented banshee’s trait is not active at the start of battle so my fearsome Gargantuan’s attacks do not get the 150% bonus to attack. Either that or the Gargantuan’s attacks take precedence over imp’s trait before it can activate.

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Windows 10 x64

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