TotG Balance Feedback.

TL;DR powers - engage!

Fire and Earth Salamander: Comebine these two guys with a team of creatures who only wear the Reincarnation spell and you’ve got a Death/Resurrection loop + immunity to single-target attacks.

Thunder Salamander: He’s objectively better than Imp Sacrificer and is honestly one of the more obvious examples of power-creep in the game as of now. The trigger chance for bonus spell-casts is not onlt 25% higher, it also counts all spell-schools rather than just Nature.

Nix Informer: Hammer Lord, Drifting Shade, Whispering Shade, Thunder Storm and Storm Lord (etc) just got a new friend. Just mentioning him as I, personally, still do not approve of creatures that encourage the current 1-2-punch meta.

All of the Bards: Raven Lord Version 2.0

The Elves: I personally really do not like creatures like these. They don’t exist to be used by the player and only serve to be an artificial road-block the same way that a certain Paragon-Who-Needs-To-Die-In-A-Fire does. Losing a fight can be fun, having your back against the way is fun, having a random chance to be forced to /forfeit is not.

Plague Herbalist: Masochist Witch looks worse and worse by the day.

Plague Scholar: I strongly suggest giving this guy a reduction cap as he currently lets you start any battle with 3+ turns of complete immunity to everything, if combined with Tortured Leper.

Gonfurian’s Avatar Trait: Mind Blast, Purgatory, Shield Slam, Humility, Equality, Petrify, Frost Hammer, Invisibility, Timewalk - the list goes on. I dare say that this might just be the single most powerful trait in the game and that it is beyound abusable.

Zonte’s Avatar Trait: I guess it has something which resembles use (very, very niche use) when soloing or when combined with Imp Shaman… if Imp Shaman is willing to tolerate Zontificated spells, that is?

The wiki currently claims that four of the TotG creatures are Nature class (Bard, Centaur, Elf and Plague Doctor) and that there are no new Sorcery creature and Umaro seems to have confirmed that the same is indeed the case in-game. I find this curious, as TotG was meant to boost the roster by 2 creatures per class and I find it especially curious because Bassilisks(!), Salamanders(!), Bards, Elves, Nix’ and Plague Doctor all fit the bill for Sorcery.

My TL;DR powers have failed me! ._.

Correction: Plague scholar’s ability does not work that way. The way it was explained to me is that it was a multiplicative stack as opposed to additional.

Ex: 3 debuffs != 45% less damage.

[quote=“Hypersensitive, post:2, topic:3057”]Correction: Plague scholar’s ability does not work that way. The way it was explained to me is that it was a multiplicative stack as opposed to additional.

Ex: 3 debuffs != 45% less damage.[/quote]

Which is exactly how I expected it to work. It means that with a party of Tortured Lepers, or just a Leper party in general, you’ll easily have enough debuffs to recieve a 100%+ damage reduction which lasts for 3+ turns. And that’s just stratching the very surface.

Couple other things I’ve noticed:

Fire Salamander appears to be bugged and won’t trigger any spellcasts on death. Even with a Nadin Rift Dancer in the part.

Ice Salamander on the other hand does allow for death-related spellcasts, provided the killing blow exceeds 25% maximum health. Which makes it quite a bit more powerful than its fiery brother - even if Fire Salamander wasn’t bugged.

(I by the way still think the Salamanders are quite a bit more powerful than need be… and that they make no sense in Chaos to boot)

The Black Ice spell has a 100% chance to freeze the entire enemy team and a 100% chance to make yours invisible.

Elemental Barrage will only pick one spell from the list of previously cast ones and then proceed to cast it three times. Rather than cast a random combination of priviously cast spells 1-3 times. It does, very rarely, miss it up by making casting one copy-spell once and another twice. Verdant Spheres seem to suffer from a similar issue.

The “Cast at the start of battle” spell gem modifier is quite a bit more random and time consuming than what I’d personally consider reasonable. Especially because it appears most spells can carry it. It outshines all other modifiers by a mile, can cause games to be lost or won before they begin and makes combat take considerably longer - but with far less input. This is only made worse by the Salamander and Vulpe lines.

I’d strongly consider lowering the %-numbers on the various “cast when blank happens” spells, especially “at the start of battle”, and consider lowering the amount of spells that can carry certain modifiers. A modifer that I love, however, would be the ones that affect scaling stats - even if they are occasionally found on spells like Spellbreath or Necrosis.

Maybe I’m not explaining correctly.

I mean three debuffs is LESS than a 45% damage reduction.

With this logic, my 8 debuffs should have given me 120% damage reduction; which in essence should have resulted in 0 damage to me if I’m understanding the damage reduction stat correctly.

But that’s not true, I was still taking a LOT of heavy damage.