Trade gems?

When you examine a gem, it talks about trading gems for power at gem tower. Another thread said getting a lot of power for gems. I do not see these options, do i have to build something first?

You can trade gems with the dwarf wearing yellow clothes. He’ll spawn randomly in realms.

The dwarf offers you something like ~400 power per level of regular gem, or ~1200 power per level of enchanted gem (topaz, sapphire, diamond, etc). The dwarf will only let you trade one gem per encounter as he vanishes after.

Power is rarely an issue in this game. My power usually runs 2x my other resources, and that’s with constant power goblet usage.

You can also combine gems at the gem facility. 2 gems of the same level = gem of the next higher level. Again, not really worth it as you can frequently encounter the gem boxes to gain +1 level (purple) or +2-6 levels (orange).

Thank you, the wording perhaps need to be corrected as it does not happen at the gem tower (yet, maybe Siralim 2). Wonder if there is a dwarf that would buy my excess artifacts? My power management is getting better now that I have a nightwing gargoyle and boosted my power balance but still no where near twice the others

It’ll get 2x (or more) the others when you start using the merchant. The merchant doesn’t charge Power for his wares. And you WILL want to purchase the odd cores, emblems, coins, spells, or royalty potions. Plus you can find pills occasionally for sale as well. The potions and pills will come at a very steep price, but try and purchase them at every opportunity. Granite will usually be the resource you are in the shortest supply of.

Even on my new game (just 20 hours in), I’ve got over 1m power, but all other resources hover at about 200k.

You’ll want to prioritize your spellbook for golem fights, too. With a gargoyle and shrine buff, you should be getting 50k+ easily from golem fights.

Step 1) Use Reawakening to refresh the shrine in your realm to acquire the +resources buff.
Step 2) Use the consumable item Dragon Scales prior to the fight, and you can cast spells without losing charges as much as you want.
Step 3) Fight your golem

From here, you have four options in terms of killing it with 100% reliability. It can’t be stunned/frozen/etc to prevent it from running. Also note: one strategy is to attack with your WEAKEST attacker so you gain more resources (you gain a little per hit). That tactic works with any of the strategies below.

Best Option:
Mind Tricks (single cast, no mana cost, doesn’t consume caster’s turn)
Simply attack, attack, attack, then cast Mind Tricks to send it to the bottom of the queue. You win eventually! This is the best option, as it’s a single spell, no mana cost, and doesn’t consume a turn.

Second Best Option:
Web (15 mana, single cast, consumes caster’s turn)
Night Sword (restores 1/2 your mana, single cast, consumes caster’s turn)
Use Web to send it to the bottom. You can’t do this indefinitely as it costs mana. Use Stasis Sword to replenish when necessarily. You win eventually!

Third Best Option:
Haste (5 mana, single cast, doesn’t consume caster’s turn)
Night Sword (restores 1/2 your mana, single cast, consumes caster’s turn)
Cast on your highest damage critter repeatedly. Keep rotating creatures and don’t let him have a turn. Use Stasis Sword to replenish mana. You win eventually!

Fourth Best Option:
Snowstorm (30 mana, consumes your turn)
Night Sword (restores 1/2 your mana, single cast, consumes caster’s turn)
Same basis as the others, but Snowstorm sends the entire team to the bottom of the action queue. And it’s expensive to cast.