Training Dummy would be awesome

There should be a project that unlocks an NPC training dummy in the castle. You could use this to test trait and perk interactions when setting up a new team.

I find I create a lot of compositions that end up not working at all because a key interaction didn’t work the way I thought it did.

For example, Waspid Solder’s Final Sting trait causes it to be killed after attacking. Meanwhile, Ancestral Phoenix says that when your creatures kill an ally, all your creatures are resurrected with 50% health. It is unclear to me exactly how these two traits will interact with each other. Does the Waspid solider count as killing an ally if it kills itself? If it does count, will the Waspid solider also be resurrected immediately, or does the Phoenix only resurrect previously dead creatures? Will it work if I fuse the two creatures together, or will it not work because the Phoenix itself was killed?

It would be awesome if there was a place you could quickly test things before committing to fusing and setting up a full team to go into a realm risking your 100% fortune bonus on whether or not something works the way you think it will.